Your Threshold Level

Your overall health and wellness determines how resilient your body will be to every day mental, physical and chemical stress.  Positive stress (eustress) strengthens our body’s internal working systems and increases your adaptive capacity.

Examples of positive stress are regular exercise, quality mental stimulation, loving relationships, adequate rest, proper diet, and regular chiropractic care.

Negative stress (distress) weakens your internal systems making you more susceptible to a loss of health, overt symptoms, sickness, fatigue, and disease.

Each one of us has a threshold or a limit to our adaptive capacity.  However as stated above you can increase or decrease your threshold by what you choose to think, say and do.  An example would be over who exercises on a regular basis.  That person can shovel a lot of snow and not feel stiff or sore.  On the other hand a couch potato would find themselves in a lot of pain.  Muscles would stay in spasm, nerves would be pinched.  They would need to go to the chiropractor to get their spine realigned and quite possibly a massage to release stubborn, weakened spastic muscles, or worse get pain pills!

Those of you that receive regular chiropractic care for some time now find that you are much more resilient to everyday stressors.  A minor fender bender leaves you with little or no unwanted symptoms.  Your body’s ability to adapt is amazing.  When your lifestyle choices compliment your adjustments you find mental and chemical stressors are less likely to have their way with you.

You can handle that miserable co-worker, you can drink a glass of wine, or maybe cheat on your pure diet for a moment and there is little or no impact (80-20) rule.

You have achieved and are maintaining your ideal state in all you think, say, and do.

Some people cannot hold their adjustments as yet.  Nerves are blocked, the flow of life giving healing mental impulses are blocked or diminished.  The internal organ systems are under extreme mental, physical and or chemical stress.  Lifestyle needs to be addresses and changes made to improve health, reduce symptoms and keep you well.

Healing takes time, if you have patience and move gently, happily, in harmony, with your healing process; if you support it in any way you can; just a little more each time you will come to find your ability to adapt is amazing.  Your threshold or resiliency will be enhanced.


I have developed, “Dr. Folkards One Central Principle Healing Timeline”.

It has 4 phases of care (your ideal state):  Initial Intensive Care             Movement  towards your

Supportive Care                     ideal state.

Reconstructive Care

Lifetime Wellness Care

Each step along the way will be designed uniquely for you based upon a multitude of accurate tests that determine the causative factors of your loss of health and unwanted symptoms.   Your treatment program when followed fully including lifestyle changes will help you to reach your ideal state.

Everyday stress will always be there.  Your level of health well-being and your threshold level will determine whether you can quickly and safely adapt to mental, structural and chemical stress.

Choose to do what it takes to live a life filled with vitality.  This is the only way to succeed.  Invest in your health and well-being.

It begins with me and you at the table and the adjustment.

See you soon.

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