Starting Care


We are pleased that you have decided to take responsibility for your health and well being.

We promise to provide the best of care to help you to overcome your health concerns naturally.

On your second visit to our clinic you will be taken to a private room and provided with a report of findings and the Doctor's recommendations for care.

One of our Wellness Team will go over the entrance agreement which explains your responsibilities and our commitment to serving all your health needs.

The Doctor will review his recommendations with you, consisting of type and frequency of care, prescribed remedies,  lifestyle considerations, nutrition, and more.

Once all your concerns have been addressed and you have agreed to the specfic care that the Doctor has prepared for you, you will be taken to the adjusting room to begin your first phase of care. (see phases of care)

All of us at the Chiropractic Health and Wellness Centre will be with you on your healing journey. Relax and prepare to receive the most gentle and the finest care available.

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