Herbal & Homeopathic Therapies

Homeopathy is a proven scientific system that stimulates and strengthens the body's own innate healing capacity.  It is based on the law of similars; that which can cause disease can also cure it.

Homeopathic remedies are formulated using natural substances such as herbs, plants and minerals.  Spagyric formulated homeopathic remedies utilize very stringent guidelines to form the most energetic potentized remedies available today.

Dr. Robert Cass a world renowned Naturopath and insightful teacher/lecturer has formulated what I and many others feel to be the most elite of all homeopathic remedies in the world.  His company is called Physica Energetics.

I have enjoyed witnessing huge success in the return to health and wellness of  many of our patients when administering those remedies using a specific diagnostic method I have named the Body Systems Analysis (bioenergetic testing).

As a Chiropractor, I am fortunate to have these homeopathic preparations that support each and every chiropractic adjustment so that complete healing occurs naturally from within  reversing any disease known to man.

On the emotional side of things, Dr. Edward Bach a renowned British physician, in the early 1900's discovered that patient stess, if left unresolved leads to disorders in the body.

He founded what is now known as Bach flower remedies that help reduce the emotional stress, producing positive, calming, stable attitudes in a variety of stressful situations.

When the mind is calm and the heart is at peace the body is able to heal and repair returning to an optimal state of health and wellness.

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