Your Innate Expression

The power that made the body heals the body. It happens no other way. This is a chiropractic principle. What does it mean?

Before any of us come into existence there was someone who got the big idea. So God created man…perfectly. With-in each one of us is a unique spiritual essence that maintains the body, heals it where necessary, and adjusts its inner workings to adapt to external forces, harmony, healing, balance, perfect working order. So spirit, innate intelligence gives to matter its order in life according to the highest design. Divine design, a beautiful body to express from. Chiropractic is pure and powerful; it ensures that there is a connection between man the physical and man the spiritual (innate expression). This vitalistic connection from the brain to body occurs via the nervous system. Interference to the expression of life in us is caused by stress, mental stress, chemical stress, structural stress limiting the expression of innate causing the cells and tissues to slow in their vibratory rate and to breakdown. Symptoms tell us we are out of balance with the fullness of life there is a loss of function

Chiropractic is the laying on of hands; an innate to innate connection. The adjustment is to AD-JUST, bring you back to center body, mind and heart.

Once centered/ aligned innate intelligence is free to express itself in the form of mental impulses. A massive healing response is initiated. You are now connected to the power that made you. God knows your perfect design, he knows your uniqueness. It is through the adjustment that you are reconnected. Life flows from above you, in you and through you to heal you; to raise you up, to empower you to succeed in your mission while here.

The power that made the body heals the body, it happens no other way.

This is vital for you to understand and believe in so you can really LIVE.

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