Your Flu Update

Recent European studies have concluded that the flu vaccine is only 38% effective!  And then after Feb. 1 st , this vaccine is 1% effective.

With the flu season raging on what is one to do?

Guess what?  Your magnificent intelligent body comes with an immune system geared towards protecting you from unwanted pathogens including the H1N1 flu virus.

Some get sick; some don’t.  Why?  A strong healthy immune system is the key.

There is one thing I know that enhances your immune system by a whopping 80%!!  Over 500 aids patients were given an upper cervical (neck) adjustment.  There was a huge enhancement in T-cell activity.  They were amazed; especially because aids patients have a very compromised immune system.

Now that is pure and powerful!

So before you experience the achy effects of your internal healing response to that nasty flu bug, come and receive your immune building adjustment on a regular basis this season.

Don’t eat or drink sugar filled products.  Sugar weakens your immune system by 60%.

Take lots of pure water, vitamin C 3-6 grams, yes 3-6 grams.  Use immune enhancing herbs and homeopathics to strengthen your immune system such as

Wild oregano capsules                  Flu mileau                 Drainage mileau

Echina Intrinsic                                 Flora syntrophy

Wash your hands with a mild natural soap often (don’t use those waterless soaps, very toxic).

Don’t put your fingers near your nose or mouth

**Check my facebook page for an all-natural hand sanitizer recipe that purifies and nourishes**

I was in Vegas at the seminar.  We were inside, didn’t go out much and on the planes.  Before I left that cold weather hit and there was a lot to do on the farm. Very stressful indeed.  Wednesday I woke up with Kermit the frog in my throat.  I felt achy, with headaches.  I got 1-2 adjustments per day, rested a lot, and took massive amounts of herbs and homeopathics.  I ate vegetarian, drank a ton of pure water with spectralyte minerals, gargled with organic coconut oil, put it in my nose and… three days voila!!  My healing response was complete.  That’s the power of the healer within.

So don’t delay.  That flu bug is lurking in the dark recesses of your life.  Get adjusted and take some high vibrational remedies to get you well and keep you well.

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