Will You Be The Light

I took some time to reflect on my life; and the life of all others within the body of humanity.

Usually my spiritual self, guides my heart and my hand and I write to you about LOVE, TRUTH, and eternal life, and the power of a Chiropractic adjustment.  This time nothing came through until I got a phone call from a great friend.

Her father is 81 years old and has diabetes.  His kidneys are failing and he is on dialysis.  He is not long to be here anymore she says.

The past few years we tried to help him to change his ways and get well, but he would not.

She asked me “what am I to do Dr. Bob.” “You saved my life with your awesome loving services and I know you can save him if he would follow you.”  I opened my heart and said to her “just love him Mary.”  Just open your heart and let your spiritual self, shine on through; out to him.

She took a sigh of relief and thanked me.  She totally agreed and so she is going to stay with him for his last bit of life expression here and now.  She will surround him with LOVE from deep within.  The LOVE that is the starting point for all we know in this Holy Land.

We are approaching the time of the birth of Jesus.  He represented; He was and is DIVINE LOVE.  He came to show us the way.  He constantly offered a cup of pure water to all who would drink it.  That water from the well was a symbol for Divine Truth.  He knew it was our mind and what we stored in it that was in our way of being the light.   He healed so many through the perfect expression of the Love within him.  The Love that goes all the way back to the beginning, and what is the starting point for all that is.  You know.  I know too.

I have followed in the truth and the way and the light that was demonstrated by Jesus.

I feel I have been called and chosen to lay my hands on you and remove the interference to your true loving expression of life, Spirit through flesh; out into the world to be a divine influence in all that is, if you would be so willing.

If we would take a moment in this lonely time and look within we would discover our true self.  Each and every pure and powerful adjustment I offer you honours the Love within you and frees it so you all may be the light. 

We are all divinely connected through the power of radiant Love.  Your adjustment will ensure that nothing gets in your way here and now in each and every perfect moment.

Let us be the light this Christmas and stand up together as one Love, one truth, one light and surely good things will come to pass, as it is in heaven, here in the earth.

Thanks so much for letting me help you to restore your health and well-being.  Thank you for letting me adjust you to let the current of loving life flow through you out into the world.

Let us rise up and be the light together.

Merry Christmas

I love all of you,

Dr. Bob 

PS. Subluxation ,Spinal Misalignment translates into less than divine light.


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