Why Our Children

A woman was in to see me with a life threatening illness.  She chose the natural healing route which included a chiropractic adjustment.  It just so happened that at the same time a family came in with their children who all receive their wellness adjustment.  The woman asked what was wrong with these kids that they need an adjustment.

This woman has a condition that is robbing her of health and life.  She has the belief that you only get help when there is a problem.

The truth is we should embrace those things that would help us to maintain optimal health and well-being and to be more resilient to those every day stressors in life.

What kind of stress could our children be exposed to you ask?  Good question.  Two good questions actually.  One study revealed at least one in every five children visits an emergency room each year for treatment of injuries from bicycle spills, and other accidental tumbles and mishaps.  One out of every 14 teenagers was treated for a sports injury.

Traumatic stress can cause the spine to misalign interrupting the nervous system that controls all the cells and tissues of the body.  Kids are soft and pliable.  At first these interruptions to the flow of life go by unnoticed.  A few tight muscles that is all.  Later on the serious symptoms and disease can develop.

Then there is peer pressure.  These days most of our children are under extreme mental emotional stress. They fight back in many different ways.

More and more children are labeled with many mood disorders.  The list is astounding it’s not just ADHD anymore.  Personality disorder, social anxiety, bipolar disorder, and conduct disorder, just to name a few. And so they give them drugs to keep them quiet to make them less expressionless so they can be good kids.

Google CCHR: Psychiatry Labeling Kids with Bogus Mental Disorder

It is sad what we do to our loved ones in the name of health.

What about toxic stress. Obesity is a major issue. Sedentary kids eating sugar laden foods. Fructose, high fructose corn syrup is highly toxic to the mind and body. Most foods kids eat today are poor quality and create toxic burdens that rob them of vitality, health and well-being.

Why get our children adjusted you ask? Do you still need a reason? They are highly stressed. They need the healing current that flows through the nerves from the brain to the body. They need that adjustment that raises their conscious awareness, improves moods and aptitude scores.

Adjustments will improve their health and performance. They will be more resilient to daily stress. Having the spine checked for misalignment is a good thing. One ounce of prevention is better than a pound of care.

Let’s not label our kids anymore, let’s feed them right and get them adjusted. They deserve to be their best too!

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