Why Not Wheat

Wheat and most other grains are highly toxic. There are many health risks directly linked to wheat consumption. The nutritional benefits of eating wheat products, is questionable to say the least. WE have been duked into believing that wheat grain or multigrain products are good for us when there are so many adverse effects such as heart disease, neurological impairment, dementia, cataracts, arthritis, gas, bloating, and visceral fat accumulation just to name a few. Millions of people are affected by eating so called healthy nutritious grains and grain products.

Back in the day, ancient grain was a nutritious staple with little or no side effects. Modern day wheat is not really wheat at all.

Agribusiness modified this grain and others to get more crop yield (hybridized).

Now we are left with mutant strains that are hazardous to our health.

Studies show the nutrient content in this so called new wheat to be reduced by more than 30%. Add some processing i.e. removing the bran and the germ and there is not much left in the way of nutritional value.

Any processed foods containing wheat by products are poison to your body! For example 2 slices of whole wheat bread increase blood sugar higher than a candy bar. High blood glucose is linked to arthritis, cataracts, and diabetes to name a few.

Repetitive high blood sugars that develop from a grain rich diet are very destructive. I see the ill effect every day in my practice.

There is a considerable amount of evidence regarding the lack of nutrition and the health risks of ingesting wheat and/or all grains for large segments of the population including you and I!

Is 100% whole wheat better? This wheat product has been hybridized and genetically modified, irradiated, treated with chemicals to induce mutations. You are still consuming a health damaging grain that will not benefit, advance or maintain your health in any way.

Modern wheat, grains, can be considered to be the “route of all evil” when it comes to nutrition and health problems among us all.

It has been demonstrated that for every 10 people with digestive problems, obesity, irritable bowel syndrome, diabetes, arthritis, even heart disease; 8 out of 10 will have a problem with wheat.

I have found most if not all health problems I see respond dramatically to dietary changes that include limiting all grains. A few chiropractic adjustments and some herbal and/or homeopathic remedies restore health in all.

Genetically modified wheat is now being pushed in Canada only to make matters worse. Rats fed genetically modified corn, wheat, or soy, developed massive cancerous tumors in the latter half of their lives and died prematurely!

Grains are becoming so transmuted that we may not be able to call them grains in the near future.

Let the buyer beware, don’t eat grains period!

The gluten/fiber in grains is very different now than it used to be. It is like ingesting shards of small broken glass. They cause gut irritation and bleeding. The gut cannot assimilate this new grain and so it sits, fermenting in your gut, causing further health problems including depression. This fiber is used in bug killer. They eat it and it cuts their gut open and they bleed to death. Sprouted grains are worse. They contain the most gluten/fiber that has been modified and is toxic. Want your bread and cereal still?

There are many studies documenting the adverse, life threatening effects of wheat consumption by humans. The digestive tract of many who eat wheat products on a daily basis are so impaired that supplementation is necessary. Damage to the lining of the gastrointestinal tract prevents absorption of nutrients even from the best of foods. Many are diagnosed with celiac disease. Supplementation is a must.

Fortunately, the body has the capacity to heal from within. We begin with pure and powerful chiropractic adjustments to initiate a healing response from within you. High vibrational herbal and homeopathic remedies are utilized to support the healing process. Lifestyle considerations are very, very important. Do not wait until your health is compromised. Embrace a healthy lifestyle. Avoid all wheat and grains. Eat lots of fresh pure foods and you will notice the difference in the quality of your life.

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