Why Fruit For Breakfast

Many natural health care specialists recommend drinking a large glass of pure water first thing in the morning and then eating lots of fruit and/or a fruit based smoothie.

Your body is going through a cleansing process from 4 am until 12 noon. Breakfast means to break your fast that occurred overnight. One should break their fast with a food that is easy to digest and rich in nutrients with lots of fiber. Fruit is the perfect food to break your fast and support the transport of toxins out of your body through the fiber found in fruit.

Fruit is a complex carbohydrate meaning that the fruit breaks down slowly and feeds the bloodstream on a steady basis which doesn’t cause a rapid rise in blood sugar. If your diet has been less than healthy, lots of processed foods laden with sugar, and your blood sugar runs high, any carbohydrate can leak through your weakened digestive tract wall to rapidly cause a rise in blood sugar.

Statistics show that two out of every three Canadians suffer from digestive disorders.

If you test your blood sugar regularly and this is the case, you must first heal and seal your gut through one of the natural health care programs that we offer at our healing centre. Once the gut lining is repaired, you will be able to eat wholesome, nutrient rich complex carbohydrates such as fruits in the morning once again.

Morning smoothie drinks may be acceptable as they contain berries, protein, and essential fatty acids such as hemp or flax oil. These ingredients blended together have been known to slow down the passing of sugar from the gut to the bloodstream.

Ask for our Sunrise Surprise morning smoothie recipe.

Eating refined foods or foods that require an extra amount of energy to break down interfere with the natural cycles of the body especially the morning detoxification cycle. Toxins are then left to accumulate to cause a loss of health in the near future.

Diet is an important factor when the desire to live a fulfilled life is the main focus. Fruit for breakfast is a very important step towards being and staying healthy and ultimately living the life you deserve.

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