People often ask me why I do, what I do.  Why do I ask people to make changes in their life.  Why I ask them to bring in others to get care.  Why am I so relentless on health topics.  Why do I take the time to write an article every week to be sent out to you.

Some think it is the money, some think I an eccentric, okay maybe a little.

Why do I do what I do?  Because I care.  I really care about everyone.  I see people who are limping, in a wheel chair, extremely overweight, taking too many medications, weak, sickly,it is overwhelming for me to see a person slowly dying.  I see their body, their miraculous body doing what it can with what is heaped upon it, all in the name of pleasure.  Yet it is not enough.  Life is slowly being drained out of a lot of people.

I know what I can.  I can change that all around.  I can initiate a healing process with a pure and powerful adjustment.  I can encourage the willing ones to make changes in their lifestyle to support their healing process.  I offer high vibrational herbal and homeopathic remedies that would nourish the body, drain the body of toxins, that would instill life in each one.  I have the plan, YET few wish to participate.

I see fear, frustration, and fatigue in their eyes.  I see habits that are hard to break.  "They have lost faith".  I know why they are the way they are and I know how to turn it all around.  They just need the will to live, to be their best, and really know why they need to get well.  Then together it can happen.

I see humanity sick and suffering.  If one is starving even though they are eating a bunch.  If I see one suffering and riddled with disease it is one too many.

It saddens me deeply.  So, I do what I do because I care and because I have been given a gift from God.  To remove the interference to the expression of life.  To raise the conscious awareness of mankind to a higher place with each and every adjustment.

We are all here for one common purpose and each of us must be healthy in body, mind and heart if we are to take our unique place in this thing called life and really live.

Our purpose is to offer what is deep within us, our spiritual essence, out into everything we do.  We must find what it is we love to do and do it.  You can't do it if you are sick.

Living, ultimately living, 100% expression of life from above, down, inside, out is what we came for.  We need no interference to this expression of life.

In these times we must constantly purify ourselves.  A health paradigm is a must.  I have the solution.

I will not rest until everyone is receiving chiropractic care and utilizing the tools we have to offer to support Health and Wellness to support life within and around you.

Now you know why.  Tell others why, and get them to come in.

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