Whole Truth

I am sure we have all heard lots of stories about what may be going on in the world today.

My favorite most truthful one is a talk show with Dr. Bruce Lipton a very well-known geneticist.  In his truth he speaks about heaven and earth and the loss of connection between all of us.  As a result we go our own separate ways.  Our minds are too full of unwanted thoughts.  We are moving through life based on inadequate programed subconscious patterns. We are on auto pilot, without a loving awareness of the perfect beauty that surrounds us, given to us by our creator.

 All is one.  We are collectively; humanity, the body of god.  We are the crowning creation.  It is us that must move forward, together in one accord, in the moment and co-create to allow the world and all that is contained therein to rise up and express life as it was intended in the beginning.

We are stuck right now; time to reflect on what we have done, what we have ruined and what we will do.  Meditate on Love, truth and service to all.  Be the Light, “Get ready” to go forward and upward.  As Dr. Lipton says let’s get back into the “Garden of Eden”.  Let’s no longer destroy this planet.  Divine Love will have its way through all of us who will gather, rise up and truly live the life that is designed for us.  No more Monsanto poisons, no more chemicals, plastics, no more harmful drugs, no more low energy toxic foods, no more hate, jealousy, greed.  Money hunger, no more!  Heaven and Earth will be one again here and now.  We don’t need to die to live in heaven eternally.

 Dr. Lipton says it’s not our genes that determine our health or well-being; it is the environment around us and most importantly within us!   Yay!!  Finally someone with influence is saying and believing what I believe and absolutely know to be true.

I have meditated on this virus and I will share with you what came to me from above me and within.  The whole truth and nothing but the truth, “so help me God”.  

Consider this; there are 16 times more bugs (micro-organisms) that live within us than there are cells of our body.  30 trillion cells -16 times over!!  Why then do our immune systems not react to all those bugs?  Why don’t we get sick?  If you are pure, healthy, well, loving, kind, faithful, and considerate then the bugs live in harmony within you, they love it and they love you to.  The parasites eat the garbage the bacterium are the mitochondria that make ATP, energy, within every cell, to keep you alive, full of energy, to succeed in your higher finer goals and aspirations.  Dr. Lipton says that should be your most dominant thought.  The fungus eats debris too and they make alcohol like substance to keep you happy and looking upwards.  The virus live within you cells (latent virus) to protect you and to help heal you if need be.

Back in the day when Lois Pasteur made penicillin to kill bacteria (they though bacteria was the problem) his friend Beauchamp kept watching the microscope and saw the virus coming out of the damaged cells to repair the cell wall they were helping out to save a life.  Pasteur friends who were developing pharmacopeia hushed it and put him down.  Why?  Money was the priority.  Now we have vaccines and the word is; viruses are harmful.  Some may well be harmful after being tortured and mutated within the laboratory.  Let’s look at the virus shall we.  A virus has no body.  It only has a mind.  Viruses are everywhere in the world and receive information and comes into mankind to share what it knows with the cells of our body.  This to me is the way we all stay connected, through the truth.  Through a loving, harmonic connection, all from one source, then why is the COVID  19 virus so harmful!!!  Maybe it has something to do with mass media.

Dr. Bruce Lipton has proven this bug is not the problem.  It is the environment around us and within us, he calls it epigenetics.  

It is evident that man created this tortured, angry, virus in a lab.  I heard that back in about 2016 this virus was created then it was released in 2019.  I tested in November and December last year and discovered a new mutated virus in some, just another man made cold, flu, virus.

If you are healthy, well, pure in thought and actions, into loving service high in your natural vibration and full of expression of life then that low vibrational and tortured mutated virus won’t hurt you.  It will heal in your healthy loving body and will be thankful.  Remember it consists of a mind only.

Mass media has us all fearful and afraid.  Yes we must be cautious.  Yes we must purify our internal selves and the world about us.

Fear and doubt will weaken all your systems including your immunity.  Let’s open our hearts and let love radiate, change your diet, exercise and …..Get your pure and powerful chiropractic adjustments to keep you above all the chaos.  Be sure to take vitamins, minerals and remedies I recommend for you and your family to maintain your health and well-being.  We need all of you to be your best to be ready to carry on with ongoing loving creativity.

See you soon.

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