What's FAT Got To Do With IT?

What’s FAT Got To Do With It?!

What are fat cells all about anyways? They are like Tupperware containers. They store extra nutrients for us to engage in a happy-go-lucky active lifestyle. Children run, laugh and play a lot. They need pure nutrition and energy to grow and feed their muscles.

1 unit of healthy fat produces the same amount of energy as 34 units of sugar (the refined kind!).

These days our society is incredibly sedentary. Texting, social media and computers seem to be the main focus and climbing trees has gone by the wayside. Most of us fall into the trap of eating loads of sugar, breads and other refined foods which are even more loaded with sugars (like high fructose corn syrup) and unhealthy fats.

When your body is overloaded with these things it gets very acidic and toxic. So your magical wonderful intelligent body will store that extra toxic sugar in the Tupperware container (fat cells).

Your body will slowly increase in size then poof you have to wear elastic pants and waddle as you walk, throwing your spine out. Your body is acidic and inflammation rises. Your joints get rusty and you get stiff, inflamed and sore.

Have you heard of visceral fat?

If your body is overloaded with refined foods, sugar, carbs, toxins etc. and the liver cannot keep up with its house cleaning it will get stored. They are stored within fat cells that must be put in a place with the most space which is in your abdomen around the organs. Eventually, they will restrict the organs ability to function. They press on your bladder and you will have to pee more. They press on your gallbladder and make gallstones. They press on your lungs and heart and you become short of breath- all accumulating over time of course!

Then it is sooooooooo hard to change your habits and return to an optimal state of well-being.

Just one more LITTLE PIECE of chocolate won’t hurt, right?!?!? Just one more stop at McDonald’s- yikes!!!!

Where do you start?

Have you heard of the enzyme from your pancreas called lipase? It is released in the presence of fat and breaks it down.

Fat does not cause fat in the body. It is refined foods, excess carbs that increase your size and a loss of health. Healthy fats are the gateway to return to your true size and best health. It is sugar laden foods that make you ill and fat. Sugar will clog your arteries too. Just like sugar in the gas tank of a car- it won’t start!

Soooo if you eat healthy fats with each meal and some in between each meal then your pancreas will send lipase into your bloodstream to breakdown fats for the best energy production. If you do it often excess lipase will breakdown your extra fat cells that are robbing you of life and the toxins that were stored within them can be removed via your liver kidney, and lymph.

What are the best oils?

Hemp oil is the very best and we carry it at the clinic. We also have hemp hearts which are loaded with healthy omega fats and blood compatible protein too. I take hemp hearts 2x a day and after my karate workouts to keep my fats at a normal level and enable muscle mass to build.

There was a study done that proved that taking hemp oil and hearts will lower your blood pressure and risk of stroke. A diet rich in healthy oils (ask for our article on the benefit of quality oils) and pure whole foods such as fruits, veggies, seeds, nuts and some grains like quinoa and brown rice and lots of pure water is essential to an ideal state of being. Exercise, regularly, is so important. A rebounder works well.

And REGULAR CHIROPRACTIC CARE is a really great starting point as healing comes from within us.

Your mind must understand and make the right choices.

Value, absolutely value your health and well-being.

Have a really great reason to live.

Then do what it takes to “be your best”.

Trust us to get you there and keep you there.


No more Chocolates right!!!!!?!!!

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