What Is A Healing Response

When symptoms appear, like a runny nose, sore throat or cough. We say we are sick. We run to the drug store for over the counter drugs that will stop those unwanted symptoms. If the symptoms continue we go to our M.D. for antibiotics. Did you know that antibiotics treat bacterial infections only!

Then why do our symptoms go away when 90% of colds and flus are viral related? Antibiotics overload the healthy systems of our body . When overloaded the body’s response to that invasive organism is vastly limited and so symptoms disappear and “we feel fine”. So what happened to that virus? Did it go away or go deeper into our cells to cause more serious health problems later? (see Latent Virus)

How about a fresh approach to the healing response? When the symptoms appear it means you are healthy! Yes, healthy! Your intelligent body systems recognize that something is inside that shouldn’t be, so they get together and mount a healing response in order to remove that bad guy. Mucus traps them and you blow your nose. You cough into your arm and out they come. You get hot and that slows them down so your good guys (immunity) can eat them up. Now that’s a good thing. Right?

All symptoms are a signal that the body is attempting a healing response. It is best to support that healing process even though we may have some discomfort. Chiropractic studies have demonstrated that each adjustment supports the healing process in many ways, for example; increased immunity response, increased circulation, increased cleansing and much, much more. Support your healer with in, eat well, use homeopathic remedies, get plenty of rest and get an extra adjustment. So the next time symptoms appear, smile and think; I’m healthy, I’m healing from within.

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