What Has Your Heart

When you wake up in the morning what are you ready for?  Could be a great day or one filled with stress.  I went to a great seminar once and what was said was “your inner most dominant thought is your outer most tangible reality”.

What is your most dominant thought?  Mine is loving service for all of you.  I love laying my hands on you and delivering an awesome pure and powerful chiropractic adjustment, to remove the interference to the expression of your life that flows from above you down into your mind through your heart and out through every cell and tissue of your body.

Another statement from that seminar was, “what has your heart has you”. 

So what is in your heart?

Mine is filled with love and light that radiates all the way through me so I may be ready to be in the moment to fulfill my calling; to adjust you, to bring you to the central core of your being, so you can be your highest and finest, so you may live the life that was meant for you.

 Sometimes life’s ill vibrations influence us, if we let them.  Then they have us. Darn it!  So, when it happens, focus on the truth of where you really truly are and why you are here. Then get your adjustment to stay connected to all that is love, truth and real life.

See you soon,

Much Love,

 Dr. Bob

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