Vibrational Healing

Choices And Your Vibrational Healing

You know when you go to the store to buy something.  There are many choices of what you want.  Experience dictates that one is the best, lasts the longest, and is the right price.  I find that the most expensive is not the best sometimes.  So you seek to make the right choice, to buy the product to do the ultimate job for you.  Ever buy a shovel and shove it in the ground and pick up the dirt, only to hear a crack in sound.  Look what happened to your new shovel that was supposed to last a lifetime.

It’s the same with your body and mind.  What you choose to think, say and do is very important.  What is your diet like for your body and mind even your heart?

Vibrationally speaking certain words are lower in vibration and destructive in nature.  Keep saying a variety of course words and you will attract low vibrational destructive circumstances in your life.  Using such words and the thoughts that become dominant are directly related to clarity of mind and ultimately will influence the choices you make.  This is the universal law of attraction.  It is the healer within your body.

The dietary choices we make will increase or decrease the vibrational texture of the cells and tissues of our bodies and our minds too.  We all know what foods are at a high vibration and give us lots of energy.  Again it is a matter of choice.

What about internal vibrational imbalances?  How will you know?  What about the vitamins you are taking.  How will you know they are the right ones for you?  Just like the mechanic knows what part will work best in your car and is the most cost efficient, so there is one who can guide you in what your body, mind and heart needs to maintain your highest vibrational state; the energetic expressive state that is exactly right for you.

Find that one, trust in him and you will choose to live the life you deserve.

P.S.  Be aware of your ill feelings, recognize where they are and what they do to you, inside.  Realize they no longer serve you, and neutralize the energy within the field.  Send it to your heart, all of it, till your heart fills and is ready to burst.  Open a little window in your heart and let the transformed energy of love vibrate out into the world around you.  Take note of the peace and love in and around you.

Now that’s vibrational healing.

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