True Chiropractic

We just got back from a chiropractic seminar. Attending these high energy events leaves you filled with the truth of what it is we really do as Chiropractors. It is an opportunity to polish your armour as one doctor put it. Most of the lecturers spoke about doing what it takes to be in a position to deliver a pure and powerful life changing adjustment.

For me that is diet, exercise, sleep, quality mental stimulation, loving relationships, and regular chiropractic check ups to ensure I am centered, expressing 100 % life from a place of love and truth and life.

I was reminded of the love I have for life within all of you and my passion to serve out of the abundance of my heart. The truth is we are in this existence together and what affects one affects another. All of us really.

Chiropractic adjustments have the profound ability to transform one’s life and even the world around us. There is a universal intelligence (God) that gives all things its properties and this maintains its existence. This is an innate intelligence (the REAL you) within each of us that expresses itself in the form of a mental impulse through the nerves to animate all cells and tissues. Innate maintains life within us in perfect balance in harmony with life above and around us. When this life force is fully expressed on a continual basis massive healing occurs naturally to our bodies and our mind and hearts as well.

In time with continued innate expression you will be your authentic self, your best.

That life force will flow through you from above down inside and out; out into your world to heal and transform your circumstances as well. Now that is the principle of chiropractic as was told to us by all the lecturers at this pure and powerful seminar.

I believe we are here to succeed, to be together, to agree, to higher and finer things. Your chiropractic adjustments with better lifestyle choices will take you to a level of the fullness of life expression.

The rest is up to our creator and you and I. One body (mankind) one life (heaven and earth).

Let’s live it … See you on the adjusting table soon!!!

Dr. Bob

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