Toxic Stress

There are three stressors that affect the body's ability to adapt to its environment, heal and repair itself on a continual basis and function perfectly as it is so designed. More specifically these three stressors can cause interference to the nervous system limiting the expression of innate intelligence that controls all bodily functions. We are all exposed to toxic stress each and every moment of our lives. Thousands of chemicals in our food, air and water can overwhelm the body leading to unwanted pain and symptoms that if left unchecked will cause more life threatening conditions. If our bodies were in an absolute state of health and well being they would absorb the nutrients they need and eliminate the rest including all toxins.

When overwhelmed by toxins there is an initial inflammatory response in an attempt to return to a normal, balanced state. Hence chronic toxin exposure leads to diseases ending in "ITIS”, such as colitis, appendicitis, bronchitis etc. Inflammation is a natural response as such should be supported not suppressed. If left to long breakdown of the cells and tissues can result. If left exposed to long term continual toxic stress, ex. processed foods, chemical exposure (tethlon pans), poor quality air, etc. the body's innate intelligence will attempt to deposit these toxins forming cysts, polyps and non cancerous tumours.

Even fat cells will be formed to store these dangerous toxins. Most health care specialist know it can be dangerous for a person to enter into a weight loss program, without first purifying the body's cells and tissues ridding the body of toxins through inflammation and elimination.

After years of continual toxic exposure the body becomes so polluted that the toxic substances enter into the cells causing massive damage, ultimately shifting a normal healthy cell to a low vibrational level of a cancerous cell. Neoplastic disease is eminent, causing a severe loss of health and a possible loss of ones life.

When one is diagnosed with a disease, there are choices you can make. You can opt for drugs and surgery or you can support the body's natural healing process by making more informed choices, through quality information, and taking the action steps necessary every moment of your life and maintaining an ideal state of life through vibrant living.  Ask for our paper on the "Bank of Life". Begin by becoming more informed about which toxins you are constantly exposed to and take the steps necessary to rid yourself and your loved ones of as many toxins as possible.

Fill out our toxicity questionnaire and or find a few on the internet. Next, one should follow through a quality body purification program under the supervision of a qualified natural healthcare specialist.  Cleansing should be done on a regular basis, at least once a year. Check out our paper entitled “The Four Forces". Regular use of prescribed homeopathic, herbals, nutritional, and botanicals preparations are very helpful as well.

Life style choices, what you think, say and do have a major impact on your health and well being and can prevent daily exposure to life’s threatening toxins even in crisis intervention.

Chiropractic adjustments will support a return to health and wellness by opening the nervous system pathways, stimulating a healing response from within (innate intelligence expression). The wellness phases of Dr. Folkard's on central principle healing timeline as four quarterly programs ( see Four Forces paper), that allows one to choose a personalized proactive approach to health and well being thus insuring that the three stressors; toxic, emotional and structural stress will have a minimal impact. 100% life occurs when there is 100% health and well-being. Achieve your ideal state and live the life you deserve!


Dr. RJ. Folkard

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