To Flu Or Not To Flu

A patient asked me the other day what would be a good alternative to the flu shot. As it turns out her Mother passed away due to flu. She tells me that her Mother had the flu shot on a yearly basis.

The woman works in a hair salon, I asked her to find out how many of her clients received the flu shot. It turns out that 6 hair dressers reported that at least 90% of their clients did receive the flu shot. And of those 90% over 75% had either a flu like reaction just after or experienced the flu this season. Even to the point that they were bed ridden.

Medical research tells us that the flu shot is 20 – 30% effective. Not very effective really, especially when I look at the ingredients that pose health related challenges to an individual’s body and its systems.

I proceeded to tell her that the latest research also tells us that a chiropractic adjustment enhances immunity by over 70% to the one receiving it. Sugar will weaken your immunity by 60% for 6 hours. Don’t eat sugar or fructose.

Take vitamin C regularly, more if you feel a cold or flu coming on. Vitamin D with K2 (our Solray D) has been shown to be effective for cellular protection from flu, colds, even cancer . Take probiotics regularly. Good bacteria in large amounts will maintain balance in your internal systems. Lots of good bacteria will prevent unwanted flu pathogens from becoming dominant within you.

Homeopathic’s is good to have on hand both as preventative or as support during your body’s response to flu pathogens.

We recommend homeopathic’s such as flu and drainage tone. One of each will last a small family the whole season.

Embrace a good healthy paradigm, eat well, drink pure water, exercise, get plenty of sleep. Destress in any way you can and include regular chiropractic adjustments. More adjustments are needed during your health related challenges.

Be proactive invest in your health and live a vibrant life.

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