The Wonderful One Within

Ever take your hand, hold it up and wiggle your fingers? What allows that to occur so effortlessly?

What about the banana you ate this morning (you know, fruit for breakfast, right?).  It dissolves and becomes part of your body. How does that happen?

When you cut yourself you go about your business. Maybe if it is a large cut you wrap it and apply pressure to stop the bleeding. Then it heals all by itself. Wow!!

What is behind all this magic that we take for granted. How about a flower on a tree that becomes an apple or a baby bird that just begins to fly?

I love to take a moment to ponder these wonders of life. What is the motivating power behind all of this? Is it the same for all of life, all motion, all occurrences?

Within all of us there is an inborn intelligence; a spiritually orientated essence that organizes every cell and tissue and brings the physical body to life. This intelligence heals us, nourishes us, and purifies our body on a continual basis.

Because of this intelligent power giving life to our body, we “the wonderful one within”, can move through life and its circumstances effortlessly. Yes, there is a spiritual side of us that animates matter and a physical side of us that allows the real us to express ourselves at this level of things.

Chiropractors call this expression of spirit through matter “innate intelligence”. Innate intelligence uses the nervous system to express itself throughout the body. Interference to the expression of innate intelligence will cause an imbalance in the cells, tissues and organs which will lead to a loss of health over time. Stress is the major cause of interference to innate and ultimately a loss of health. Mental, chemical and structural stress is a constant in everyday living.

Our wellness team will determine the type of stress that causes a shift in your health and leads to unwanted symptoms you are experiencing; even symptoms that are about to rear their ugly heads.

As a chiropractor, I get to work with innate by unlocking the spine and releasing the healing current to flow from the brain to the body. Each adjustment initiates a healing response from within. In time, as you support the healing process through better lifestyle choices, your health will return. Symptoms will leave and your ability to adapt to your environment is enhanced as the wonderful one within is allowed to express itself from above, down, inside and out.

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