The Whole Truth

A woman came to visit the farm the other day and told us her mom was a Ferrier. One who takes care of horse’s feet. We told her our horses are barefoot. That is they “do not wear shoes”. My mom would disapprove she said, this woman accepted the “norm”. Everyone including most Ferrier’s believe that horses need to wear shoes. When it comes to human intervention, I research all the information to sort out what is true and what is not. A lot of what I hear or read is filled with opinion (judgment/non-truth) notion or just plain fear based lies that must be defended at all cost.

To me, when you know the truth, you will not have to defend it. Truth brings you sense of peace, contentment, and knowing that what you are doing is right in line with universal principles that are true and will stand the test of time. To seek the truth is your right starting point. From this position, success is inevitable.

This same woman came to me a while back seeking help related to internal health problems. I found the cause of her problem and recommended a natural health care program which was out of the “norm”. She opted for drugs and surgery just because everyone else does. I gave her the facts, told her the truth, she found comfort in her knowledge and her resulting beliefs. Well, she had her medical procedures done and has her same problem that was getting worse yet she stays with what she knows at all costs. For me, I seek to know the truth. It does free me of a lot of burden and a lot of mishaps in my life. It allows me to be one of the best natural health care practitioners out there.

Unfortunately when it comes to chiropractic, many people have formed an opinion or have a belief that is not based on much truth at all. As a result, these ones may never get to experience the amazing benefits that chiropractic adjustments have to offer.

If you know the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth so help you God (that which comes from the most highest and finest) then you can’t help but do well in all endeavors. Opinion, half-truth, lies, knowledge, have to be defended. It is too bad that when one hears the truth they begin to be uncomfortable. Because it goes against what they know; what they believe. Inner and outer conflict, loss of agreement is inevitable.

I take what I know to be true and I expand on that. Sometimes you cannot perceive the whole truth all at once. In time you will. I am eager to know the truth and I have come to love my personal inspection of truisms within me. Letting go of what I thought to be true is much easier, and brings me more comfort. I let go of and let go to the TRUTH.

Chiropractic for example, is based on the truth. The body can heal from within, can adapt efficiently to stresses in the environment as long as the spine is in line and the expression of healing current (life) is free to flow through the nerves to the cells and tissues of the body.

It is true that diet and exercise play an important role in our health and well-being. The mind when it knows the truth can make better choices for greater success. The mind when distressed, can cause many health and wellness issues.

I urge you to evaluate your belief system, know the truth, and let go of unwanted power robbing beliefs.

Know the truth and you will be free and really truly live. Oh yes, and get adjusted to stay in line with what is above us.

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