The Silent Killer

“I feel fine”!

There is no pain why not just leave it alone.

I’ll come back when I have pain/symptoms.

There is no pain when your spine first moves out of its normal position.

Initially muscles tighten around the area for protection.

This is physical stress .

What might you experience?


-lack of energy

-restless sleep

-loss of focus

-increased stress in normal day to day situations

Four (4) weeks later:

-if the silent subluxation is not adjusted the body attempts to make a correction through an inflammatoryprocess.  This is chemical stress still no pain is evident, prolonged chronic inflammation can cause rapid degeneration of the spine in the misaligned area or areas and the surrounding structures.

Note:  60% of the healing energy that flows through this area of your spine is blocked.

- 40%  of life giving healing energy remains

- Weakness in the muscles and the related organs is eminent as the nerve flow is diminished


- Sore muscles, tendinitis

- Internal dis-ease heartburn, limited breathing, cramps, headaches to name a few

- Further loss of sleep

- More loss of energy

- Poor performance-work and play

- Increased colds, flu

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