The Road To Health

The road to health begins with a large glass of pure water with Spectralyte / Rehydrate at your bed side. Finish it at your bedside.

Upon rising have a small piece of fruit then exercise. High intensity interval training is best. Google it. You can do this by, walking, an elliptical or even with weights. It takes 12 - 15 minutes of your time. Light stretch after 5 – 10 minutes, 20 – 30 minutes in total.

Drink sunrise surprise morning fruit smoothie drink loaded with complete carbs, protein, fiber, essential fatty acids and more. Take your vitamins, herbs, homeopathic, etc. Take some fruit with you for the rest of the morning. Listen to a CD in the car is good or read something motivational. For lunch have a green smoothie, google a recipe or use ours. Alter your green variety every month or more often it is important.

You may have homemade soup (organic) and a salad with a healthy dressing (flax, olive oil, vinegar, herb) and save your green smoothie for a mid-day snack. Take your vitamins, herbs, homeopathics etc. Have a homemade trail mix with organic healthy variety of seeds, nuts, raisins, cranberries, hemp hearts, etc. Eat small amounts as your desire during the day to avoid junk food cravings. Raw veggies are good too. Plus drink plenty of purified water (no bottle water) during the day. Go for at least 2 litres with spectralyte / rehydrate in it. Listen or read something motivational.

For dinner give thanks first! Go veggie stir fry, steamed veggies lots lots lots with a small amount of deep ocean fish, turkey or lean grass fed beef. Go organic! Avoid chicken as much as possible. Eat yams (no potato), squash, turnip, parsnips in moderation. Take your vitamins, herbs, homeopathics, etc.

After dinner snack could be hummus any healthy organic variety. I like sun-dried tomato hummus or homemade avocado dip (use on your fish …. hhmmmm) organic pita or organic blue corn chips are acceptable with your hummus or avocado dip.

Avoid grains and dairy. More water, lots of pure water with spectralyte / rehydrate.

Important points to remember:

Do not eat after 8 pm

Respect your body cycles --- 4 am – 12 noon elimination, detox, body cleansing

--- 12 pm – 8 pm assimilation, body takes in energetic nutrients for the day

--- 8 pm – 4 am appropriation, your body nourishes itself, repairs too, prepares for the next day by complete all process

Morning is cleanse time not food time, day is food time, night is healing time.

Stomach acid (hydrochloric acid) is very important to your health. Protects us from unwanted pathogens including parasites, breaks down proteins and prepares for absorption. Signals the small intestine to secrete enzymes to absorb nutrients from your food. Try this test; some beets, if you pee or poo purple / red your stomach acid is low. Google symptoms of low stomach acid. Then tell us so we can help!

PH, alkaline PH is essential to health. Cancer, sickness and other diseases thrive in this acid environment. The food we eat in North America is acid … acid gets stored in fat cells. More acid more fat. 68% of people get sick and or die because of what they eat. GO GREEN, LOTS OF GREEN!

Gut Ecology, is essential to overall health. Good bacteria (probiotics) must be continually topped up on a daily basis at first and or weekly when you are in tip top shape. Flooding with probiotics is needed during sickness or when taking drugs such as antibiotics (if you must). Lots of good bacteria will heal and seal your gut, will keep all unwanted bacteria, fungus etc in check. We have different blends of very high quality probiotics. Lets check you for the right ones.

Variety is the key, this is a guideline your central starting point or the road to health. Rotate your foods, get a larger variety of new fruits and veggies. Incorporate these following super foods into your diet on a daily basis.

• Wheat grass (in your green smoothie)

• Hemp hearts (in salads and smoothies

• Goji berries

• Cinnamon

• Avocado

• Raw chocolate

• Pumpkins seeds

Look for fresh great tasting recipes for soups, sauces, stir fry’s, etc. Really enjoy clean eating for the health of it.

Your high intensity interval training need only be done 3 times per week. Stretch daily (on the floor in front of the TV this will save time).

Keep your mind motivated and happy. Listen to and read motivational things regularly.

Motivational List:

• 4 agreements by Don Miguel

• Voice of Knowledge by Don Miguel

• Wayne Dyers Books / CD’s

• As a Man Thinketh CD by James Allen

• Divine Matrix by Daniel Bregg

• Ordinary Man by John Wellwood

• Greens for Life by Victoria Boutenko

Ask around, Google …. Find me some great ones!

Last but not least, I am your HEALTH COACH. We do care we care a lot about you and your family, your health and well being!

Do not give up no matter what it is life or death.

Get adjusted regularly!

Adopt a really healthy “health paradym” when others look at you and say WOW what happened tell them about us and you, the one who succeeded …. BE YOUR BEST!

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