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We just got back from Las Vegas where we attended a Chiropractic seminar.  This week of motivation proved to be world class.  Some of the speakers included Wayne Dyer, Joe Mercola, Joe Dispenza, John Demartini and some Hay House representatives.  Google any of these names and read some of their motivational information.  It will change your life.

Most if not all the speakers spoke about the mind and the beliefs we formed during our younger years.  Some truthful, some half truths and some down right lies.  These beliefs control what we think and feel; how we perceive the world around us and how we will typically react.

Our beliefs and the dominant thought in our heads first move through our body and can heal you or cause you severe sickness and then these thoughts move out into the world and have a direct influence on your circumstances for better or worse.  For example, a young girl continues to seek loving affection from her father.  He was never there for her so she believed he did not love her.  So she withdrew her love for him and as time went on for all men.  She believed that men could not be trusted, that they could never be there for a woman.  As a result her relationships with men did not last long.  The love was never shared so they left.  Their leaving convinced her that men were cold and unloving.  Yet all along it was her beliefs and her resistive actions that were unloving.  She held her love back and suffered the consequences.  This belief led to sickness and suffering.  We cannot live without giving and receiving love (John Welwood).  What is love?  Some of the speakers defined it, as every emotion, all your feelings, all as one, 100% pure abundance, radiant, life giving, healing energy.  Love fragments when we judge or form a belief based on opinion, conjecture, and /or assumption.

Fragmented love is distorted and can be destructive.  A good example is anger, jealousy, hate, etc.  Let this run through your body, mind and heart for a while and you will loose your health and your circumstances will be less than great.

Dr. John Demartini talked about doing what you love.  Get a higher vision, a high calling from deep within you.  Stay focused on what you love.  Let your vision become a reality.  Don’t let anyone or anything stand in the way of your call to perfect service.  Prioritize your life.  Think, say, and do only things that will allow you to live your highest and finest.  Delegate things that are of low priority, if you can.  He also says you attract into your life people, places and things that you have not yet come to love about yourself.  Think on that one for awhile.

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