The Hazards Of Cholesterol Medicine

The Hazards of Cholesterol Meds

I came across some very interesting information the other day.

Cholesterol medication has always been questionable. There are over 900 studies that demonstrate very dangerous side effects to this medicine when take on a regular basis.

One product has been taken off the market because it caused heart attack and strokes!!

Many people report extreme muscle pain and cramps when taking cholesterol medication. If you chose to continue taking these meds we recommend our CO Q10 drops to alleviate these side effects.

New studies prove that cholesterol meds cause insulin resistance and increase blood sugar.

Then you go to your Doctor, you don’t feel well. They take blood, you have high blood sugar. You are diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and now you are on another drug.

Have you seen the documentary “Doctored”? Quite revealing!!! Ask us for a loaner of the movie and see for yourself!

Life style is the problem. If you want to live an exceptional life, make healthy changes. Adopt a good health paradigm. Regular chiropractic adjustments will help reduce stress, increase energy, and turn on your parasympathetic nervous system to heal, purify and nourish your body. Internal balance is the key to optimal health.

Eat well, think well, and move well!! In time you will notice the differences. You will be your best.

Now that’s living!!!

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