The Fall Connection

Fall is here. Do you notice the leaves changing? All of those red fiery colours seeking to come forth due to chemical changes within the trees. All in preparation for the next season to occur!

As our planet is cyclic in nature, so are our bodies, mind and heart.

After all, the human part of us came from the earth and is nourished by the earth. Hopefully before the ingredients are refined and processed into harmful, less nutritious yet seemingly tasty products. Yuck!

Many of us in the natural healing arts’ professions are sensitive to the changes contained in the progression of the seasons and as such, incorporate healing strategies to complement the ongoing healing process ever present within you, which is inherently harmonious with these cycles and seasons of our planet. Life truly has a grand design that weaves its way through each one.

Below is a health strategy that, if followed as recommended specifically for you by your doctor would allow you to maintain an optimal level of health and well-being throughout the year.

Autumn Cycle/Fire Force Phase

Life in this season has come to full potential. This is the peak of the vibratory expression of life. Just think of all those trees and their rich fiery colours. So it is with our bodies, mind, and heart. It is important to support this phase of the cycle through hormonal balancing. All endocrine glands (7 in all) should be checked for function and supported to bring about balance and ultimately allow for the maximum expression of life through each one of us and as a whole. The endocrine system is one of our oldest governing systems in our body and this is the perfect time to re-establish the processes of your hormonal systems and how they affect your health and well-being during this fall season.

Our team of natural health care professionals is here to provide the support necessary through every yearly cycle and through each quarterly season (water/winter, air/spring, earth/summer, and fire/fall).

Ask to be tested for which specific natural remedies are best for you to take during these cycles and seasons to bring out the best in you!

Dr. Robert Folkard

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