The Chiropractic Lifestyle

Happy holidays to each and every one of you.  This is truly a festive season, a time for friends and family, good cheer and lots of food.

As the New Year approaches, I will be asked if I have a health paradigm that I follow.  The answer is simple.  It is what I call, :the Chiropractors lifestyle".


Because if one looks the world over, there are few professions, that as a whole, embrace what I am about to share with you, and enjoy as the foundation for their existance.  If you want to do what we Chiropractors do, if you want to live a vibrant, highly successful life, a life filled with exceptional health and well being and a sense of deep connection.  A life where you can embrace the day to day moment to moment circumstances that were meant only for you with lots of energy and tons of success;

Then this health paradigm is for you !

A proper diet consisting of 80% live foods, fruits, veggies, pure water, seeds, nuts, brown rice, oats (no wheat) essential fatty acids such as flax seed oil and olive oil , 20% dead food, deep ocean  fish, lean beef, free range turkey, very little free range chicken, no pork, very little refined foods, no microwave.

-Regular intensive exercise,  lots of daily stretching

-Plenty of sleep and lots of fresh air

-Quality mental stimulation, motivational-spiritual reading and seminars,  meditation

-REGULAR CHIROPRACTIC CARE, quality nerve flow is the foundation for vibrant living

-Loving relationships, giving and receiving love is at the core of our essence, hug a bunch today

-Quarterly supportive therapies; vitamins, herbs, homeopathics, minerals, colonics, cleanses

This is a basic outline that can be structured to fit every individuals needs

Just like a trainer at the gym is very helpfull we all need a healthcoach to hold us accountable and to achieve success.

I have one.... Do you?

Merry Xmas, and the best of health for the new year.

Dr. Robert J Folkard

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