The Causitve Chain

I saw a former patient the other day and she told me she was going for a hip replacement. She is 49 years old. I asked her what caused her hip to wear out? She thought it was the natural course of things. I smiled and said nothing. So she asked me what I thought.

She has a history of chronic inflammatory conditions over the length of her life so far. Antibiotics were repeatedly given for perpetual kidney, bladder and yeast infections. Antibiotics and a bad diet lead the way to digestive problems I told her. She suffered from leaky gut syndrome. Small portions of undigested food would pass through the lining of the stomach and go directly into the blood stream causing a weakened immune system and an inflammatory condition throughout the body. These particles of food would lodge into the micro capillaries around and then enter into the joints. This grit like substance wears out the joints rapidly. Add in a slight misalignment and they wear even faster. Bowel problems are one of the starting points for chronic inflammatory conditions including degenerative joint disease. If left unchecked, this condition would certainly lead to joint replacement and other serious life threatening conditions.

I mentioned to her that had she continued with regular chiropractic care and a quality lifestyle that would support an optimal level of health and well-being throughout the body that the hip replacement may not have been necessary.

This woman commented that she could not afford it. I noticed she was carrying a top of the line video camera and a professional Cannon camera as well. She also has several top of the line computers and a really nice car. I smiled and said it is not really about the money, it is more about your belief in chiropractic and the healer within you. It really is about your health and the value you place on it and whether you think that the body can right the wrong that has been done to it over the years, given the chance.

“But if I come to you I have to change my diet”, “Yes I said; some people will do anything to save their lives at the end, unfortunately”.

When the sludge builds up inside and there is nowhere left to put it, the body will completely break down. It will not function. It is best to be proactive and invest in your health and well-being I said. It is never too late for the body to start healing from within.

Get regular Chiropractic care to keep your joints in proper alignment and develop a good health paradigm. Diet, exercise, herbal and homeopathic therapies, loving relationships, and quality mental stimulation all support your Chiropractic adjustment. Most of all, believe this: Your magical, intelligent, beautiful body can heal and regulate itself and adapt to its environment quickly and efficiently. It will function perfectly. It just needs no interference.

You have the right to choose, I hope that you choose to see me soon.

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