The Cactus Bed

I went to a seminar a while back that focused on letting go of ill thoughts.  Ones that would bring you emotional pain that usually end up in physical pain as well.

Imagine you are walking in a desert, and come across a cactus bed.  Take note of its size, notice the needles and how sharp they are, how many, and how they would hurt should you get pricked by them.  So what do you do?

Do you:

A) go around it?

B) camp out with the hope it will go away?

C) jump into it and get pain; lots of pain?

We chose:  A) of course!

Now imagine you have an emotional, thought filling dilemma in your mind.  Pretend this dilemma is an emotional cactus bed.  Now what do you do.  Most people jump into it.  They wallow in it, for an indefinite amount of time, inflicting a lot of emotional pain on themselves that usually ends up as some sort of physical pain or ailment.

Some camp out around it; thinking about it constantly, fill up their every extra thought with it, leaving them emotionally drained and physically exhausted.

Wouldn’t it be better to be aware of it and just plain move around it and carry on in your merry old way?  It is tough to do sometimes but if you see it as an emotional cactus bed that brings you pain and if you choose to, it can be easier to just let go, or look the other way and move into the next part of your life, and embrace a happier moment in time.

Chiropractic neck adjustments have been shown to raise your conscious awareness.  They put your mind into a relaxed alpha healing state allowing you to let go or see the way around your obstacle.  This man I know with no arms or legs sees his obstacle as an opportunity.  He lectures the world over helping everyone to let go and live.

Don Miguel author of the “Four Agreements” says:

1)      Never take anything personal

2)      Never assume anything

3)      Always make your words,  your thoughts impeccable

4)      Always be your best

Avoid that emotional cactus bed.  Let go of and let go to. Be your authentic self and live with one emotion filling your mind. The power of Love.

See you for your mind cleansing adjustment soon.

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