The Blessing Of Subluxation

Human beings are designed to be self- regulating, can adapt quickly to its environment and has the capacity to heal from within.  Now that’s intelligence at work, all for us so that we can move thru life perfectly.  When the mind continues to be distracted or judgmental (mental, emotional stress) the brain  activates lower vibrational brain centers for fight or flight; to get away or break through ones dilemma .  The end result of chronic aberrant thinking is (fear, doubt, past, future, winner, loser etc.) a low course destructive energy flowing from the brain to the body system.  Life within slows down.  Areas of the body already weakened cannot take any more without breaking down.  Symptoms develop as a signal for help.   The wisdom (innate intelligence) within us creates a subluxation to protect the already weakened  organs, cells, and tissues.  The spine moves out of posture creating a block in the negative, destructive energy coming from the brain.  Research shows a 60% loss of life giving energy when a subluxation (spiritual misalign) occurs.  How’s that for protective measures.  Go ahead; have as much stinking thinking as you want.  The wisdom within will protect you, will give you symptoms, will evoke a healing response if you let it by taking action thru a chiropractic adjustment.  Why a chiropractic adjustment?  Read on.  Recent studies have shown that each and every chiropractic adjustment puts the brain into an alpha brain wave state.  This is a more relaxed, peaceful healing state.  All the higher brain centers are activated, moving one from fight or flight, anger, anxiety aggression or submission to a more creative successful state.  There is strengthened immunity.  The heart and vascular system relaxes digestion is improved, etc.  More recent studies are indicating brain tissue regeneration with each upper cervical adjustment.  No wonder the medical profession attempts to undermine the power of a chiropractic adjustment.  I guess you must decide where you want to be in your life.  I know I’m getting regular adjustments.

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