The Art

The Art, Science of Philosophy of Chiropractic

Chiropractic is based on a truth that has and will continue to stand the test of time.  Tell then the truth, deliver a pure and powerful adjustment, they will get the big idea.  All else will follow

The Above Down Inside Out Principle:

Studies in neurology have shown as the brain is kept in its higher state of awareness through regular chiropractic adjustments and high energy supportive lifestyle, homeopathy, meditation, etc. those higher centers become more dominant and expressive.  Mental/chemical/structural stress has a lesser effect.  You don’t drop down into the courser primitive levels of fight or flight that would cause a loss of health.   Those lower synaptic brain pathways are slow to fire.  Your higher centers are more constant, quick to fire when stressful circumstances arise.  Who wouldn’t want to remain in a dominant higher level of consciousness that allows for a complete full and rich flow of life in and through your body, out into the world around you.

The Power of the Adjustment—A Patient Testimonial

Ever feel like the whole world is heaped upon you and the walls are closing in?

All of your waking thoughts are focused on your demise.  Sometimes it seems like there is nowhere to turn, because there is stress pressure and tension everywhere.

I had experienced this scenario last week, it seemed like there was no way out of the stress that I felt.  My heart began to pound continually, and my sleep was inadequate.

My mind wouldn’t rest… then I went to my chiropractor.  He checked my neck first and found a major misalignment in the area that relates to stress he delivered the adjustment and you know what?  I felt all my troubles and all my worries and all my negative stress, leave. I just naturally let go.  What a sense of relief I had experienced with that powerful adjustment.

I felt like all my obstacles in life became opportunities. I finally did succeed in overcoming the cause of my dilemma, and a smile came upon my face.  I was at peace once again So the next time you are stressed…..get an adjustment and all will be well.  Who would have thought!  That’s the power of the adjustment.

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