The Amazing Body

When I think of my body I think of perfection. Just wiggle your fingers, blink your eyes, and make a sad face, then make a happy face. It will do anything you ask it. How amazing is that! When you eat good food it becomes you. When you breathe in oxygen it unites with the lungs; giving vital energy to everyday cell of the body. Miles of blood vessels, 100 trillion nerves fibres, cells, tissues, organs, muscle and bone all in harmony waiting together for you, so that you may go out into the world and experience 100% life.

There is a life force moving through your body, an innate intelligence that allows for the continuous healing and repair, all naturally. It is self-regulating and can adapt to anything even the abuse we impose upon it... It keeps going; loving us all the way through.

Maybe, just maybe we should love it back, supporting it through all that we think, say and do. I think that Henry Ford's automobile was a mechanical copy of our wondrous human body. The brain and nervous system house the intelligent electrical current of life that animates every cell and tissue. Just like the electrical system in your car, the battery need to charge as well. Plenty of rest and regular adjustments keep your life current, flowing fully. Our liver, kidneys and lymphatic systems are our body’s filters. We can't change them like we do in our cars, yet we can cleanse them on a regular basis using specific homeopathic preparations and life style considerations help too. Clean diets, lots of pure water, and regular exercise are hugely supportive. Spring cleansing programs work well too. Always contact your health professional before starting a cleanse.

Your muscles are your fuel tanks. When you work your muscles they enlarge to store more fuel for you to move through the day with huge success and still have a fuel to play. Sedentary lifestyles mean less muscle, a smaller fuel tank and less fuel for your day and none left at the end. So back to the couch you go! They say that, muscle mass is a main indicator of health and well being. A car works better on high test fuel and so does your body. Be choosy about what you eat!  By the way, if you are sedentary your muscles are smaller and so is your body’s fuel tank, so the food you eat stays in your jelly belly and turns to fat robbing you of life, making you toxic and tired. NO FUN,  NO LIFE moving in and through you.

It seems to me that it is best to develop and maintain a healthy life style that would ensure an exceptional level of living; a life filled with energy to express. One would need to consider diet, exercise, sleep, quality mental stimulation, loving relationships and to tie all together, regular chiropractic care for your whole family. Continue to meditate and implement the seven steps to health and well-being and you will live the life that you deserve.


Dr. Robert Folkard, D.C.

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