Sugar Addiction

Just recently the USA released a study pointing to sugar; all processed foods containing sugar are hazardous to your health.  Most, if not all diseases including cancer, diabetes, and all mental disorders, has been linked to a sugar rich diet.

Unfortunately our Government here in Canada has yet to take a proactive stand in the name of health and wellness. Politics – Geez!

Back in the day when white sugar became abundant it was found that you could feed cheap laborers white bread and jam loaded with sugar, and heavily sweetened tea at their work stations.

This new substance carried a lot of empty calories in a small package. This kept the women and children working. They became addicted to processed white sugar cane and would work just to receive their allotted amount of sugar!

At the same time that this arrived in the 18 th Century, there was a drastic reduction in overall health noted by most doctors. Current research is now supporting this claim almost 200 years later.

Sugar looks like cocaine and acts like heroine when it hits the brain. Sugar effects your brain chemistry and this can cause addictive behaviors beginning with symptoms of withdrawal and cravings.

The neuro-chemical changes in the brain are similar to those found when you take addictive drugs.  The taste of sweet from sugar reaches the sweet  spot located on the center of your tongue.  It’s interesting to note that it has become the largest taste center on your tongue.  This activates beta endorphin sites in your brain. These are the same sites that are activated by heroine and morphine.

And sugar substitutes are worse. Sugar and anything that resembles it, even high fructose corn syrup now found in all processed foods and gluten free products are addictive and dangerous to your health.

An article I found showed the National Food Industry makes 1800 calories of food for everyone per day.  Now they have doubled the amount of the calories by adding more addictive sugar in all processed foods. Sugar shuts off hormones that tell the brain you have had enough leaving you wanting more. Now you spend double the amount on your weekly food bill.  They get your money, you get fat, you get sick, go on drugs and at the end……… fill in the blank.


It will be difficult.  Start by replacing some foods with tasty healthier food choices.   Slowly add healthier foods to your diet. Once your diet becomes rich in high water content pure fruits, veggies, beans, legumes, organic yogurt, smoothie drinks, lean grass fed meats, and deep ocean (not farm raised) fish, you will have no room for sweets any longer.

In time there is improved physical and emotional health making it all worthwhile.

Adding organic coconut oil to your daily diet improves brain function, reduces cravings, helps you lose weight, and aids in health restoration as well. Essential fatty acids found in olive oil, hemp oil and flax oil are important too.

Your health and wellness begins with the lifestyle choices you make.

I am constantly seeking to make improvements in my life that support my ideal state. The best starting point I know is a pure and powerful Chiropractic adjustment. Your higher brain centers are activated, pain diminishes, and there is energy, vitality, and peace in your heart and body. Healing begins; you will make better lifestyle choices, as keep your spine in-line and your nervous system flowing fully from your brain to your body. Each and every cell will be nourished with life enhancing healing mental impulses.

Start now with your adjustment, make better lifestyle choices, and say no to sugar laden foods.

In time you will live like never before.

Now you too are your best. Your ideal state sets the standard for your day!!

Good Vibrations

Our body, each and every cell, organ, and tissue, vibrates at a unique frequency that is complimentary to the collective whole. Together this energetic vibration is what is known as life.  100% expression of life at its highest and finest.  Each organ is comprised of many cells and has a vibrational tone that allows for its particular functional state. Thus each cell within your body is like a musical note. Together they play sweet music. These vibrational tones can fall to a level of 60% expression and still maintain their integrity without cellular function being too compromised.

What would cause a drop in these vibratory rates of the cells, tissues, and organs of your body you ask? Everything in life is vibrational - food, drink, words, movement, toxins, rocks, chemicals, etc. German Health Specialists have determined that it is an unwanted additional oscillation, when introduced into the body at random intervals, which can interrupt the body’s internal balance causing a shift in the harmonic vibrational state of the organ that receives it. Your magnificent body can adapt to this unwanted stressor, but only for so long.

When the vibratory rate of any part of the body drops below 60%, there will be overt symptoms signaling a tenancy towards malfunction. Repetitive unwanted oscillations from stressors with erratic vibrations will cause a further decline in the vibratory rate away from your ideal state. Pain, sickness, and suffering are imminent. It is said that cancer exists at a level of 20% expression of life, vibrationally speaking.

We were not meant to express our lives at this low course level. Thus cancer is a normal expression of life, but not for us. What specifically can cause such a drop in our vibratory rate? Low vibrational foods, processed or refined, chemical exposure, pesticides, drugs, medications, even our words and thoughts when negative, can cause a shift in our vibratory rate.  This robs us of our health and wellbeing.

Soooo…… maintain your ideal state of existence, which is 100% expression of life – (vibrationally speaking), you must partake in all things that are pure and higher vibrationally that are filled with life giving energy. A Chiropractic adjustment allows for a continued uninterrupted flow of life giving vibrational energy to all the parts of your magnificent body. There is a rise in the vibration of the cells. Even the cells in your brain have been shown to increase in vibration thus, raising your conscious awareness after a pure and powerful adjustment.

Homeopathic remedies are highly vibrational too. There are specific remedies for each organ when taken regularly that will return them to a harmonic balanced vibrational state within. Fresh live wholesome foods offer the same energetic resonance to your body.

Thinking positive inspiring uplifting thoughts and saying a kind word will always return you to your ideal state as well.  It all comes down to choice.  Either living 100% expression of love and life, or fatigue, sickness, pain, suffering, disease, and then death. Which will you promote in your day to day life? I know!

See you soon for your next lifesaving adjustment, your next high vibrational herbal or homeopathic remedy, and your next energizing loving word of health giving advice.

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