When Chiropractic began, B.J. Palmer opened a huge sanitarium for people with brain disorders of all kinds.  Many sick people went in there and received an upper cervical neck adjustment and some wholesome food.  They walked out much better than they were before they went in.  There are volumes of literature attesting to this accomplishment.   Chiropractic is about the brain and how it interacts with the body via the nervous system.  Sadly over time it became used for low back pain and neck pain.  Makes me wonder who was trying to undermine the healing potential of the chiropractic adjustment.  Latest research attests to the many neurological benefits of the adjustment and how that relates to the overall function of the body, including the ability to heal, and adapt itself according to what the immediate environment is doing (allostasis).

Here are some of the findings:

-higher conscious awareness

-enhanced immunity

-heart and circulation relaxation/strength

-improved breathing and digestion

-higher aptitude scores

-and the list goes on

When I go to the chiropractic seminar I experience some amazing things.

People are more vibrant, more up, more positive, focused, taking action steps to higher self-esteem and the really good ones are highly successful in life in many different areas.  They make this world a much better place because they are present and accountable.

It is because of the healing current that flows through them and their higher conscious state that allows for higher finer choices made in every walk of their life.  This is what occurs when you come and receive an adjustment and adjust your lifestyle according to something higher and finer.

See you soon.

Dr. R. J. Folkard

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