Stay The Course

A woman came to see me the other day.  She was in a lot of pain.  She is a newer patient who has experienced a dramatic improvement in her initial condition

There was a new area that had developed acute pain after a weekend of standing in high heels.  Her friends told her she needed to stop chiropractic care and get physical therapy.

She immediately told them that she feels a big difference in her overall health and well-being as a result of the care we offer.  She plans to “stay the course” in her own words.

At first, depending on one’s condition and everyday stressors, you may experience

- A worsening of your condition

- No change


-  A slow and steady return to health and well-being

What this woman was experiencing was the body retracing.  In other words the initial healing response that is occurring at every level has rendered her body capable of correcting other conditions that were never resolved.  The body when unable to heal goes into an adaptive state and covers up the insult to maintain a comfortable existence.

Patience, lifestyle changes and regular adjustments will allow for a complete recovery.

We are all unique individuals.  All good things occur in time.  Your loss of health whether acute or chronic was a process not a singular event.  And so it is, with your healing process.  Healing takes a lot of support and time.

Stay the course and life will be yours to embrace once again for all time.

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