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I read an article in one of my doctors magazines stating that chronic low grade inflammation in your bodies systems weakens your immune system and makes you susceptible to a virus and a bacterium even a fungus.

These doctors found inflammation in hospitalized people.  At first they tried to reduce the inflammation but that further weakened their immune systems making most if not all more sick.  Then they tried to enhance the immune system, what a difference!

Now they plan on doing a larger more controlled study to back up their findings, Yeah!  Finally they are on track.

We natural health care practitioners have been stating this all along.  Find the cause of sickness, disease and death and create the cure with all we do; Chiropractic, Herbal and Homeopathic remedies are so important and so is healthy lifestyle choices including pure wholesome live foods and lots of pure water.     

What causes your body to get inflamed?  Acidic refined foods, dehydration and mental stress are the primary factors.  Eating pro inflammatory foods makes your digestive tract lining irritated then it gets leaky.  Then proteins from the food and bad bugs in the food can sneak in and weaken your immune system.  Gut repair is one of my main focuses in all of you.

Mental stress weakens your adrenal hormone glands which makes you more acidic and weakens your immune system and creates lots of inflammation.  If you eat one teaspoon of sugar it will weaken your immune system for six hours by 60%.  

We check all your body systems.  We keep your spine in line and your nerves flowing.  We provide herbs and homeopathic remedies to bring about balance in your internal systems including your immune system.  We recommend lifestyle changes to raise you to a safe alkalized state and keep you pure.

We have helped a lot of you overcome mental stress that would definitely weaken your immunity.

 Most of you are on our highly effective liposomal Solray-D spray and Vit C.  We also have a homeopathic flu kit.  Should you get infected it has proven its effectiveness over the years, right.

 I feel that all the services we offer will maintain your health and well-being and keep you safe during these troubled times.  We will always be here for you and your loved ones.

See you soon for your next pure and powerful adjustment and immune assessment.

Dr. Robert Folkard


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