Statin Drugs And Exercise

Statin Drugs (Cholesterol Medication) and Exercise

I came across an article where they took two groups and put them through an exercise regime.

If you took statin drugs you will lose all the benefits of your workout. After 12 weeks, volunteers in the study who took statin drugs only improved fitness by 1.5% compared to the non-statin group who improved their fitness by 10% and more. Statin users lost the ability to produce energy by 4.5% while the non-statin users increased their ability to produce energy by 13%.

Statin drugs are harmful to your heart as well. Statin users had a 52% increase in calcified plaque developing in the coronary arteries! Millions of people take this drug to prevent heart problems yet this drug can harm your heart, rob you of energy, cause severe muscle cramps, pain and the list goes on. Fortunately, there is a better way. Read on.

Exercise is the best way to control cholesterol. Learn to de-stress and good food helps. The best way I know to de-stress is exercise, a walk in nature and especially a chiropractic adjustment. Each adjustment drastically reduces environmental stress on your body, mind and heart. The adjustment puts your mind into an alpha healing state. Your muscles relax and release locked in stress. Your heart relaxes and strengthens. Your cells and tissues come alive as they vibrate at a high productive healing rate.

Don’t use drugs. They are poison. We have a variety of high quality herbal formulations that can maintain healthy cholesterol levels. Develop a healthy way of living and really live!

See you for your next de-stressing, life-enhancing adjustment.

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