Sickness Care Vs Wellness Care

I went to the doctor the other day for a routine pap.   The doctor’s office called to remind me it had been a long time and should probably come in.  The nurse took my blood pressure and said that I needed a tetanus shot, as she could not see it in my records.  I said “no thank you, not necessary”.  She then said that whooping cough is going around in London and I should absolutely have that shot, OHHH and the flu shot also.  She was quite put off when I said “no thanks”.  Then the doctor came in she thought that I should go to the lab to have my hemoglobin checked and also an appointment for a colonoscopy, to make sure at this point in my life I don’t have anything wrong.  Again I said “no thank you”.  Then for sure you need to go and have a mammogram. “no thank you.”  When I was leaving her office I took a look around and all the posters in her clinic were in relation to some kind of medication or injections.  Wow I wouldn’t want to work in that kind of an environment.   Not to mention I was kept waiting for 50 minutes in a freezing cold exam room.  The people in the waiting room when I left were the same people that were waiting when I went in, everyone waiting, waiting for drugs or surgery.

I found some interesting research in a medical journal:

- #1 cause of death is medical doctor intervention

- 3 rd leading cause of death is drugs, prescription drugs

- When medical doctors go on strike around the world there is a dramatic decrease in the number of deaths in that area

- When they go back to work death rates increase

How about a natural healthy paradigm:

- Good food lots of exercise

- Good thoughts, rest, loving relationships

- Vitamin, minerals, herbs, homeopathic

- Regular chiropractic adjustments

“The only side effect to our way is life”.

Debbie Folkard

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