Sensory Overload

Science tells us that 90% of our nervous system is for output.  That is the expression of life;  a motor signal that moves our mouth and our muscles, including our internal organs.  This energetic output when uninterrupted maintains a higher vibratory rate of all the cells of your body.  You move freely about acting upon the world, hopefully in a loving creative manner thus the world and you are better off because of that 90% motor, energetic output via your nervous system.

The other 10% is for sensory input.  This is how we gather information about the world around us. Only 10%!  Therefore it makes sense that we are here to give rather than get.   90% output versus 10% input.  The problem begins when we attempt to gather too much information thru our senses.  We try to reverse this natural order of things by getting way more than we give.  This creates a sensory overload that creates massive stress in our mind, body and our heart.    Then we act out in a negative way.  Our minds are over filled and we are taken out of the moment.  Then our cells and tissues vibrate at a low course rate causing a loss of harmony, balance and health.  Then we get symptoms; depression, constipation, headaches, sleeplessness, anxiety, cramps, pain, numbness, fatigue, you name it!

What will we do?  How about starting with a chiropractic adjustment!!  Yes … each adjustment immediately releases your negative overload. Your brain goes into an alpha healing state sending energy and healing current through your nerves to increase the vibratory rate of your tissue cells, slowly back to normal.  Give it time and more adjustments for complete healing.

As your mood is altered and your health is restored your vibrancy returns and you begin to radiate life from above, down, inside out.  Those little things don’t bother you so much anymore.  You let go of blame, judgment and resentment.  You feel a deep sense of connection again.  Now your days, each moment of the day is hugely successful as you come from within acting on worldly circumstances with high vibrational energy in a loving creative manner.

Just get started with an adjustment for you and your family … and rest will take care of itself!!

Dr. Bob

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