We went to an amazing talk on health well being. The focus was an ability to heal from within and express more life through a chiropractic adjustment.

The lecturer stated that the average person in North America fills 14 drug prescriptions each year. That is heart breaking and gut wrenching for me.

I get it that people are sick, tired and in pain. This tells me they are looking to feel good, to get well. The problem with drugs is they are TOXIC and come with side effects. Drug companies want us to take more drugs. That’s why the formulas create more symptoms; so you take more drugs. Check your parents or grandparents, most have pill boxes filled with drugs to be taken everyday of the week! Do they look healthy and are they really living!! (ask us for a copy of the movie Doctored).

If you want to feel well and be able to participate in an exceptional way of life it is not through drugs and thru surgery. It must begin with exceptional health.

Stress, every day stress robs us of our health and vitality. Stress can be physical trauma (yes even kids playing soccer), mental emotional pressure, and chemical toxic exposure. I would say 90% of all pain and suffering begins with unwanted negative thoughts that cause us to make poor choices everyday. Those negative thoughts go to our body to cause pain and suffering as well.

Let me ask you this, has anyone experienced a little stress that comes for a bit and then just goes away? Not likely!!

Stress is ongoing in every moment of our lives these days. Research tells us that we enter into a fight or flight mode when stressed. Our lower brain centre is activated. It is called the limbic system and it sends pain signals throughout our bodies. The body tightens up and blood sugar runs high. We make poor choices, don’t sleep well, and get sore achy muscles. Our organ systems shut down and we don’t feel well.

Dis-ease and painful symptoms are an everyday occurrence. You reach for something and those tightened muscles that are ready to take you away from your stress cause your spine to misalign. Now there is further interference to your expression of life, and the healing current that flows from your brain thru your nerves to your body. Your cells and tissues weaken over time and you move from dis-ease to be diagnosed with a life threatening disease.

The major problem is stress. The result is a subluxation (misalignment) blocking your expression of life. All this leads to poor health and a loss of life. Drugs don’t work … what will you do?

Your perfect starting point is to receive a chiropractic adjustment. Aligning your spine opens your nervous system. Life giving healing intelligent current flows out to every cell and tissue in your body. A massive healing response begins.

The speaker provided evidence of the powerful effects of each adjustment. The most impactful adjustment is in the upper neck area. It has a very positive influence on the brain stem. Your brain stem is the point where all messages cross over from the brain to the body. The messages are sorted our and sent via specific neural pathways to reach cells, tissues, and organs in need of help.

So it is that healing begins with the adjustment. All your higher brain centres light up, immunity is enhanced by over 80%. Your muscles relax rebuild and store much needed energy. You begin to sleep better. Your mood is enhanced. Your internal organs receive the message to work together to heal, nourish, and purify your body… Oh yes and pain and symptoms will gradually disappear to, as a nice side effect to all these amazing benefits of a pure and powerful chiropractic adjustment.

In time and with improved lifestyle choices (diet, pure water, exercise, loving relationships, positive mind, etc) you will reach your ideal state …. 100% pure expression of life from above down inside out! Your body mind and heart will function optimally with continued adjustments and a great health paradigm. You will be more resilient to everyday stressors. You will act upon the world, it won’t get inside you. You will meet your circumstances with ease and be more successful!

Now you are living the life you deserve! Say NO to toxic drugs they don’t fix anything. Bring your family and friends; lets all be adjusted and live our highest and finest!

That’s what a chiropractic adjustment has to offer to the world.

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