Receiving An Adjustment

A chiropractor is in a position of authority whereby he is able to offer the adjustment, to assist in bringing his patient into alignment with the central aspect of their Being. We could recognize that this central aspect of Being is one of the highest vibrational essence. Thus we could use the word LOVE. Love is a TRANSCENDENT REALITY, the highest level of life, the source of all healing.

To receive this adjustment there needs to be more than just a body. There must be responsive aliveness. The more vibrant the aliveness is the better. One of the things most vitally important in receiving an adjustment is the willingness to let the spiritual impulse be expressed, all the way, in through you from above down, inside and out.

We are constantly bombarded by impulses that are not wholesome in nature and are therefore lower, vibrationally speaking. The world is full of disruptive, distorted, chaotic static that if allowed, would restrict one’s ability to receive an adjustment. You must keep it tuned out.

These destructive patterns whether they come from within yourself or from within others must not be allowed to control. The present chaotic condition of the world, all the suffering, sickness, and disease is a direct result of human beings letting these bombarding impulses control instead of providing the means whereby they could come under control. There can be no creative outworking in the world without control.

As chiropractors we are interested in delivering the adjustment that would permit the spiritual impulse within you to become a true pattern of life expression. As such there must be attunement with the source of the spiritual impulse if one is to receive it. And so an adjustment is primarily designed to help you to come into attunement with your spiritual source of life, God’s love, the truest, highest form of healing.

Each adjustment you receive will allow you to come into direct alignment with that source of spiritual impulse and as you learn to remain centered to that source, you will no longer be controlled by the chaotic outside world; instead you would become a world influence.

The spiritual impulse from above and within you when expressed without interference would increase your vibratory rate to the highest level, the level of love, God’s love. At that level there is no pain, no suffering, no sickness, and no disease. All is easily overcome as we remain centered in love through the chiropractic adjustment and our willingness to receive it.

If at any time you are experiencing ill symptoms that alert you to the fact that the pressures of the outside world are acting upon you, you may lightly let your chiropractor know, and then let go, and focus on the spiritual impulse within you. Healing occurs as we let the source of spiritual impulse move in and through us from above, down, inside and out.

Prepare to receive the adjustment.

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