Primary Healing Field


I was at the barn adjusting some horses. People began to gather around to watch. One exclaimed how they could feel the energy around them shift.  Another agreed and said that it felt like energy flowing in and out.  They all witnessed the transformation in the horse with each and every adjustment.  I explained that what they were experiencing was called the “above, down inside and out” principle of chiropractic. Life is about energy, giving and receiving. Energy cannot be created or destroyed, and it must move. Energy gathers up substance and gives it form according to a higher design. The source of this energy has been called the Quantum Field, the Devine

Matrix, the Universal Field; and I call it the primary healing field. I believe we are here to express this energy that gives us life in the highest regard.  As we remain connected to the primary healing field, life giving energy will move through us from above, down, inside and out, into our world.  This pure energy transforms even our world around us so that it becomes its highest and finest too.  This is what a chiropractic adjustment can do.  Where stress; mental, physical, or chemical causes an interference of this flow of energy we begin to break down. Cells and tissues weaken, symptoms appear, and our health and our life are compromised.  As a result we are closed off to the pure and powerful flow of life and we breakdown and so does the world around us.  There are many ways to stay connected to that source of energy.

Chiropractic adjustments are the starting point. Each adjustment unlocks your spine, releases the energy within, and reconnects you to an unlimited amount of life giving energy that was meant to flow through us all. Then as we heal and become well, we can move through our lives with success as we give away that never-ending energy in all we do.

Mom said “it is better to give than to receive”. She was right. So, come get your regular adjustment, keep healing, be your best and give so that the world around you may be its best too.

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