Perfect Design

One of my closest friends Bonnie, a 69 year old woman who continues to compete in the Ontario Barrel Racing Association with her Mare, Reba, that is 18 years old. The two of them are constantly finishing in the top 5 every time; the best of the best in Ontario. Over 100 horses and riders compete at these events. Everyone is amazed.

She is constantly asked, “How is this so?” Her response is regular chiropractic care for her and her horse. Neither has ever resorted to using drugs. Both have an excellent diet, the best of nutritional energy for both have been recommended and followed through me.

There have been times when a health related crisis needed to be addressed.

A body system analysis (BSA) to determine the cause of the imbalance and then the appropriate herbal/homeopathic remedies used to support the internal healing process and a return to health.

Bonnie, her horse Reba and I have supported the healer within many times over the years with huge success.

Adjustments maintain spinal and extremity joint alignment, nerves flow freely, innate speaks to and organizes all bodily functions to perfection. There is no degenerative disease in either of these two, just perfect function according to the highest design. How great is that?!

On another note, I have witnessed a reverse in many degenerative diseases with the care we offer here at the Chiropractic Health and Wellness Centre. Specifically, what comes to mind is a man who had spinal degenerative disc disease. Before and after x-rays tell the truth.

I am in my 61 st year of life; I have never taken drugs of any kind. I receive regular chiropractic care, and embrace a healthy, natural health paradigm.

I have 40+ years in karate training; I wear the same pant size as when I was 20. I feel like I am 20 and I spar with world class athletes who are in their 20’s as well.

All of this is living proof to the amazing benefits of regular Chiropractic care and a pure lifestyle.

Doing what we love to do in life is a huge factor as well.

Join all of us “well beings” and improve the quality and quantity of your life through the services we offer you and your family!

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