Perceived Levels Of Healing

When an adjustment is made and the nervous system is free to let the life energy flow through the body, there are many different sensations of which you may become aware.

Some experience a sense of momentary relief from their discomfort. Others don’t feel anything at first. While still others, may experience a slightly increased level of discomfort. All of these experiences are an acceptable part of your healing process.

Over time you will notice improvements in your overall health and well-being:

increased energy, decreased pain, increased movement, etc.

As you move along through the different phases of your healing process you will come to a point where there is little change in your feeling perception. It is as if you have reached a “plateau”. This is an importance aspect of the process. We call this plateau, “a stabilization level”.

It is important that you follow through with your recommended treatment schedule to ensure you reach a maximum point of recovery.

This can occur many times in the overall pattern of healing.

You will eventually reach a state of ideal health and well-being. Further adjustments will ensure that daily stresses do not negatively impact this level.

Moving towards and then maintaining optimal health and well-being is a great investment.

Dr. Robert Folkard

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