Patience Is A Virtue

A woman came to me about 8-10 months ago has finally reached her point of optimal health and well-being. I congratulated her for having the patience to go through the healing process all the way to the end.

Most people, I told her, get frustrated because their symptoms while diminishing are still present so they lose faith and leave. For me it is a waiting game too. I must first initiate the healing process with pure and powerful adjustments and then bring about balance and harmony within all the organ systems through high vibrational herbal and homeopathic therapies.

I often know ahead of time what critter got into the system of the body and contributed to a loss of health, yet I too, must have patience. The body, mind, and heart must be capable of offering up the offensive toxin (virus, chemical, fungus, etc.) to be evicted beforehand. To try and force that noxious substance out before it’s time can cause it to go deeper into the body causing more harm. In my experience it is very difficult to remove at that point. The systems must be balanced first and then that causative factor brought to the surface to be evicted.

Drugs that only treat symptoms and not the cause can drive that cause (toxins, bacteria, virus, fungus, etc.) much deeper only to allow serious and seemingly unrelated diseases later in life to appear.

Each one is assessed for mental, toxic, and structural stressors. Stress is the causative factor leading to a loss of health, system imbalances and results in unwanted symptoms.

My healing timeline with its four phases of care works perfectly to overcome the cause of your problem and take you all the way to an ideal state of health and well-being.

All you need to do is have patience (me too) and follow through making the necessary changes in your lifestyle that will support your healer within.

Yes, patience is a virtue and a great starting point too!

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