Overcoming Everyday Stress

Back in the day most people came to see me because they had severe pain, a signal that the physical body is over stressed and cannot function according to its highest design. We would find the subluxations, spinal misalignments, nerve interference and create a treatment program that would turn on the power to heal from within for each and every one. We would encourage most of them to make lifestyle changes that would support their healing process and in time the body would heal and the pain signal would be gone, along with a few others and they would return to an ideal state of being, getting out there shining and doing what they love to do.

I am so thankful for all of you who I helped and for all I am helping now.

On this day I find that most of you have physical stressors, yes, and also a lot of mental stress too. There is so much going on in social media. We could talk about all of it forever, yet as we hold this mental dilemma in our minds we become very emotional and it has an effect on our health and wellbeing. A double warning you could say.

Mental stress and unwanted emotions like anger, fear, doubt, frustration, etc., takes us out of the moment. We enter into our fight or flight sympathetic stress mode. Our muscles tighten, we hold our breath, our heart pounds and there can be many other symptoms too.

I am happy to say that each and every pure and powerful adjustment can and will take you above all this mental stress, your mind will clear, you will release the muscle tension, you will breathe deep and your vibratory rate will rise up. Yes it may only be for a few moments, yet we have herbs, homeopathics and essential oil resonant blends to help keep you in your ideal loving state.

I would also suggest avoiding listening and talking about social media. Maintain yourself in your healing higher and finer state. Focus on love and service. Do what you love to do. A healthy diet, lots of water and regular exercise will help too.

Together we will know the truth as it flows from above us down in and through us and out into the world around us with each and every pure and powerful adjustment.

Let us stay connected and be so lovingly radiant. Our thoughts and actions will support our being in the moment, loving and serving.

See you, all of you soon for the laying on of my loving heartfull hands to deliver to you your adjustment.


“We Bring Out the Best in You”

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