Obstacles To Cure1

Obstacles to Cure

One of my favorite sayings is “we are born Alkaline and we perish Acidic”. Most people see life as a slight rise when we are newborn, and then life seems to take a slow, downhill run.

The differences between these two pathways are your beliefs and your resultant choices; free will by choice. On the one hand is living and choosing all things that support living. Then there is the downhill run and choosing things that will support a nasty ending.

There are a few obstacles that will test the path you may take even if you choose 100% expression of life.

Your mind state is most important. The way you think and how you feel about your life gives you the results you are experiencing now. Many of the masters in the Heating Arts have all coined the following expressions which I believe to be absolutely true, “those who are unable to forgive, or to let go, will be overcome with a life threatening illness”. Another one for you is “If you don’t like the way life is change the way you think about it” Thoughts + Beliefs + Action = Results. In the 25 years that I have been guiding people on their healing journey I have found that the mind is the starting point. Mental emotional stress causes havoc on the body, mind, heart, and those around us.

The next obstacle is your body’s pH; our body is made of over 80% water. Our cells live in a pool of water, just like a hot tub or a swimming pool, your body’s water must be alkaline if your wish is to survive, live, and ascend. An acid pool will irritate your skin; inside you a acidic environment will irritate your cells, tissues, and organs. They will break down in an acidic pH, chronic acidic pH causes inflammation. (Arthritis, Colitis, Asthma, Gastritis, etc) acid burns!!! Your cells can alter their shape to become life threatening. Sickness, disease, pain, and slow death are probable. You perish acidic.

Bad bugs love an acidic environment and an acid pH will alter the function of your body, mind, and heart. Dementia for example has its origins in chronic inflammation which you now know is caused by…..Acid, good answer. Have you had your pH checked by us lately?

Some pf you don’t want to hear this yet you need to know what the obstacle to your cure is. Then you may develop the passion to discover how to truly live. Imagine being a master at the art of living. Wow!!

One more very important realization is the negative impact upon your life that nerve flow interference has. Interference to the flow of life from your brain to your cells and tissues is devastating to your health, vitality, and your life as a whole. Your cells and tissues will lose their ability to adapt to the environment (inside and out). To regulate themselves and the ability to function perfectly will slowly be lost.

For any of you on the downhill run, that chooses to read this, its okay. Life will only be slowly taken from you and you can still enjoy the ride. One can get used to fatigue, moodiness, listlessness, aches, pains, memory loss, etc. There are quick fixes, drugs, coffee, surgery, canes, wheel chairs, beds, couches, sugar, etc.

Sorry if I have offended anyone. Life is priceless to me and I hope it is for you too. Anyhow back to your magnificent intelligent body and the wonderful one who lives within. That’s you.

Wiggle your fingers – now that’s magic! Eat a banana and in time it becomes part of you, ascension for the banana I hope. Jump up and drown, your heart beats faster, you breathe deeper. You get hot and perspire. Perfect intelligent harmonic function wouldn’t you say? It all just needs no interference to the expression of life that flows from above you down inside you, from your brain (The receiver/generator) to your body (the obedient one), and the outward, 100% expression of pure life outward beyond your circumstances within the world to allow even every blade of grass to be itself, (a perfect expression of life too).

Remove the interference, how? How about beginning with a pure and powerful chiropractic adjustment. There are other obstacles to cure, to living, to ascension too. Yet I think you have the point now.

Life these days can be stressful, there will always be those things lurking about, waiting to rob you of life if you choose to buy in.

Just observe, make an informed decision, and make the right choice. Take right action for right actions sake.

When you stumble and you will, alarms will go off in your (symptoms).

We will be at the Healing Centre waiting to help you on your way. To discover your obstacles to cure, continue to come, bring everyone you know. Let’s all get well and live, truly live, together.

Dr. R.J. Folkard

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