New Years Greetings

New Year Greetings

Midnight strikes signaling the end of a year and new beginnings.

Everyone raises their glass and shouts “Happy New Year” then hugs, kisses, warm words, and open hearts.

A new year has begun; a chance to improve on what you have accomplished, so far in your life.

Happy is the first word of the celebration.  And so it is, our first wish is for happiness.  What does that mean to you?  What could you do to expand on your happiness?  Will you do what it takes to be happy in the moment, each and every moment, just for one more year?

Happiness, it appears, begins with a thought. Your dominant thoughts they say, are like seeds to be sown out into the world that eventually come back 10 fold.

What if your dominant thought resulted from feelings of frustration?  You are frustrated because everything you attempt to do doesn’t work out to completion.  Everyone else seems to be too busy or too distracted to play their part.  Feelings of frustration become overwhelming.  Then other negative feelings result in the attraction of negative experiences.  Then out comes the words “Oh boy the words”, seemingly creating more of your demise.

Stored into your subconscious is this negative experience.  It becomes a belief, or dominant pattern in your life.  It is easy to arouse and you flair up quickly.  Any little thing can activate it now.  The littlest thing like an electrical cord caught when you go around a corner can aggravate you.  These are little seeds of frustration giving back to you what you sow. (The Law of Attraction)

You begin a new year, another wish to make it a happy one yet in the next moment your old feelings, your dominant thoughts are triggered someone butts in front you, you name it.  So what are you to do, can you really be happy all the time, all year long?

It sure is worth the effort.  But how; what can you do to change your life, and the world around you.

It is said if you don’t like yourself or the world around you….change the way you are thinking about it.  CHOOSE to uplift your thoughts to create a new experience, choose to think and be happy.

It will be tough, at first, those planted seeds of frustration, anger, it will come back to you.  They will support old thoughts for a while.

Be patient, choose to be calm. All is as it is …for now

Remember that spaced repetition creates reinforcement and a new outcome

In time as you plant new seed (seeds of Love) and your attitude gets a little altitude, you will have a new more positive, happier dominant thought, that sends back to you happy things, loving things, Miraculous things.

Happy thoughts, happy you, happy world.


Because you changed your dominant thoughts from frustration, to ones of pure love and happiness. In every new circumstance you are steadfast, planting new seeds, creating a new life in and around you.

You feel at peace and empowered. Your circumstances are more fulfilling

I reflected on this past year. We helped thousands of wonderful people get well and keep well.

One of them was you and your family. If not, maybe this year. Health and wellness of body, mind and heart are a starting point to a happy life, 100% expressive, a fulfilled life.

I am thankful to have had the privilege of laying my heart and hands on you, and doing what it takes to discover the gold in your wound with you and watching you come alive bit by bit, with each and every adjustment.

Life, heaven, and happiness are within us.  I appreciate each and every one of you.  You are special and have meaning here and now.  I look forward to a happy healing moment with you throughout this New Year and more.

See you on the table for a mind uplifting, life giving adjustment to help you on your way to health and happiness.

Much love,

Dr. Bob and the Wellness Team

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