Healing from Within

A woman came to me after visiting the hospital with severe abdominal pains.  Their tests were non-conclusive so they gave her massive doses of antibiotics, thinking that she may have had a ruptured cyst on her ovary.  The cramps subsided to a dull roar, yet she was left lethargic, fatigued, and with loose bowels as a main side effect to the drug.

I examined her using my body systems analyses technique.  Record shows this technique to be very accurate (>.999%).  I did not find a problem with the ovary.  What I found was a bladder irritation, (not infection).  When I touched her bladder she felt extreme pain.  She said they had tested for a bladder infection and found nothing.  “Did they palpate?” I asked.  She said no.  Very interesting, I thought.

Anyhow, she chose to stop the antibiotics and continue with a high vibrational homeopathic treatment program, specific for fungal overgrowth due to antibiotics, and support for an inflamed bladder.  And adjustments, of course, to support the healer within her.

Antibiotics are suppressive in a way.  They kill all bacteria, including the good ones that keep us healthy inside.  They do not kill fungi, or viruses, for that matter.  Actually fungi can grow rapidly in the presence of antibiotics causing considerable damage to our internal body systems.

If you need to take antibiotics, it is wise to use a good probiotic to re-establish order and balance within.

I told her, “Your amazing, intelligent body comes with a healing package.”  That’s the one thing we all tend to forget.  When someone gets sick, has extreme pain or a fever, they turn to drugs to “fix it.”  Unfortunately drugs only treat symptoms, not the causative factors.

They come with many side effects and they tend to be suppressive, weakening the immune response.

Research has found that new age virus, bacteria and fungi have become very smart.  They can alter their shape to look like a cell in your body.  Your immune system has a hard time finding them.  Then when you take a drug for the symptoms you feel better because your body loses the ability to respond. Hence the symptoms go away, yet that bad guy is allowed to go deeper into your body due to a weaken immunity, and then hide and cause further more serious health problems.

All the cells and tissues of your wonderful body want to live.  They vibrate harmoniously at a higher level.  High energy foods, remedies, relationships, thoughts etc., support that healthy high level of vibration.  Certain things we think, say and do are toxic, and alter our high vibrational levels.  Continuing with unhealthy low vibrational habits force the cells and tissues out of balance and cause a lower vibrational shift.  We are not meant to exist at such a low course vibrational level.  It is said that cancer is a very low level of vibration that has its place here.  When we vibrate at the level of caner it is what we express. Symptoms begin to develop.  This is a sign that the body is unhappy.  A massive healing response, (inflammatory) is initiated.  The goal of the healer within is to restore you back to health.  Symptoms are a signal for change.  What changes will you make to support you healer within?

How about a pure diet, lots of pure water, pure thoughts, pure and powerful chiropractic adjustments and some high vibrational remedies?  In time the offensive pathogen will be eliminated out of your body, and your cells and tissues will come into balance.  Health and wellness is restored as your body’s cells all vibrate at a resilient level, far above sickness, disease and death.

Dr. R.J. Folkard

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