The Set Up

About one year ago a fellow martial artist decided to return to regular Karate classes after a 5 year leave of absence. Life got in the way and I fell out of the habit he said.

I admired the way he pushed himself in each class.  He is a black belt and as such his basics stayed with him.

His belly was swollen and he had dark circles under his eyes. He would sweat profusely and he was out of breath often.  Yet he persisted pushing himself to the limit each and every class. I helped him to polish his techniques as often, yet as subtle, as I could. Soon he asked for more help upon seeing the effectiveness of my suggestions.

He knows I am a Chiropractor and he is aware that I am avid about proper nutrition. So he asked about dietary improvements to help his training.  He drinks my morning smoothie drink, my Atomic green drink, and he drinks water with lemon and or limes. He ingests essential fatty acids, whole fruits and veggies with pure lean meats.

His health has improved immensely. He tells me he feels the difference all this diet and exercise has made in his everyday life. I admire him for his honest efforts. Having said this, I have a confession to make. I was setting him up for Chiropractic adjustments. You see, usually I begin with adjustments and then suggest lifestyle changes along the way to support the healing process .  This time I wanted to see if the reverse order would have a different effect.

He came to me and asked if I could prescribe him vitamins and a good quality protein.  When he came to the healing centre to pick them up we offered him a complimentary health checkup. “I have an MD but I guess it will be all right” he said. When we demonstrated the areas of weakness in his spine, nerves, and organs, he decided to get adjustments.

Guess what??!! After one adjustment he felt energy like never before. “I feel 20 again!” he said. His knee and shoulder pain that persisted for 10-12 years was gone.

In class he moved faster, punched and kicked more effectively.  Poetry in motion. A smile came to my face knowing fully the power of a chiropractic adjustment at any time in one’s life. In my heart I know I have been given the gift of turning on life in all who will receive and fully participate.

Dr.R.J. Folkard

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