The Healing Process Or An Extra Adjustment

A woman called me to ask a question about her healing process.

She gets regular chiropractic care, is eating properly and exercises too! Her health paradigms have improved over time to be sure.

She wanted to know why her heart rate (pulse) was erratic (up and down)

Her blood pressure had gone up as well so we gave her some herbs that brought it down to normal. Then she decided to take prescription blood pressure meds. Her blood pressure rose dramatically. She even went to the hospital. Finally she went back to taking the remedies I prescribed and her blood pressure came back to normal limits.

She has lost a lot of weight. Within those fat cells are stored toxins. When the fat cells are used up the toxins are released and must be eliminated. That puts stress on the whole system especially the lymphatics, liver, and kidneys. The kidneys influence blood pressure and so does stress (physical, mental, toxic).

See why the blood pressure went up? Mental stress has overtaxed her adrenal glands as well. They influence heart rate and blood pressure. I told her not to panic. I assured her she was on the right path. As the body heals there are unwanted symptoms that occur. In time, harmony and balance will be evident. That’s the wonder of self-healing from within.

Given half a chance the body and all its cells and tissues love to be at their highest and finest.

On another note I asked her to come in for an extra adjustment. “I don’t think I need one Dr. Bob, I feel fine” she said.

Guess what I said?

Chiropractic adjustments are not about pain. Each adjustment ensures this life giving, healing, current flows from the brain to the body cells and tissues allowing for a controlled healing process every day of your life.

I told her that her body was struggling. The adjustment would increase the strength and function of her liver, kidneys and lymph system. She also needed a specific adjustment to open the nerve flow to her heart and her digestive tract.

Now that’s pure and powerful.

She got the big idea and came right in. Sure enough adjustments were delivered to the cells of the spine where there was nerve interference in the areas I mentioned above. How did I do that? Hmmm

All could see the difference when she received her adjustment. Her eyes were brighter, her face was pink and alive, the dark circles under her eyes were gone and her heart rate and blood pressure returned to normal.

It never ceases to amaze me how willing the body is the rise up, heal and function perfectly.

“It just needs no interference”

Come in and let’s give you and your family a real adjustment so your healing process can be enhanced continually.

Dr. R.J. Folkard

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